China Glaze Shape Shifter_2

Sunday Spam: China Glaze part 1

Everytime I look at my China Glaze collection I wonder why the brand hasn’t made it into Austrian drug stores. So to make you all wish we had shops selling China Glaze, here are some swatches!

China Glaze Marry a Millionaire (1coat over SOPI It’s totally Karma) is a wild mix of iridiscent bar glitters and tiny purple gitters. It is so dense it can be worn alone in three coats. Even though it is purple, I love this one, it is so much fun to wear!
china Glaze marry a millionaire_SOPI It's totally Karma_1

China Glaze Material Girl (1 coat over essie smooth sailing) is a mix of differently sized rosé glitters. It is very dense and can be worn alone also – I like this better by idea than execution.
China Glaze Material Girl_essie smooth sailing_1

China Glaze Mega Bite is a scattered yellow gold holographic. Love yellow and gold, and scattered holos, so this is naturally a win for me. 2 coats.
China Glaze Mega Bite_2

China Glaze Metallic Muse is a light blue metallic. Dries like the matte side of aluminium foil, but blue. Great for stamping!
china glaze metallic muse_1

China Glaze Pizzazz (1 coat over NfuOh JS17) is a mix of multicolored glitters in a clear base. I like it a lot over the lush green, but my favorite multicolored glitter is still deborah lippmann’s happy birthday.
China Glaze Pizzazz NfuOh JS17_1

China Glaze Polarized is a super dense mix of tiny silver and larger multicolored glitters. I’m head over heels for this mix! 2 coats.
China Glaze Polarized_!

China Glaze Red Satin is a jelly-like red. I used three coats – I have found my perfect jelly looking red in Cult Nails Evil Queen, so this one had no chance.
China Glaze red Satin_1

China Glaze Scattered and Tattered (1 coat over Spa Ritual Introspective) is SUCH.A.COOL.GLITTER. I absolutely adore it over this soft mint colored creme, and the mix of coral and black glitter just did it for me. Adorable!!
China Glaze Scattered and Tattered_Spa Ritual Introspective_1

China Glaze Shape Shifter is a dark blue toned purple. It applies perfectly in 1 coat. If topcoat is applied, the polish changes color (see below). Again, wonderful for stamping!
China Glaze Shape Shifter_1China Glaze Shape Shifter_2

China Glaze Sci-Fi is a lilac metallic. It’s so mirror-like, it’s awesome. Dries pretty much streak-free and obviously is genius for stamping! 2 coats.
China Glaze Sci-Fi_1

China Glaze Sea Spray is a super soft blue-toned grey. It has the slightest shimmer, and I love it. 2 coats.
china glaze sea spray_1

Which one is your favorite?

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