How I wore it: Different Dimension Gumdrops

I have a co-worker, who is always super excited about the manicures I’ll wear. As I change my manicure every day (at least I try – even though most people I know think I’m out of my mind), it is always fun to see what she thinks of my picks.

But would you have any idea how much she loved different dimension Gumdrops?
Different Dimension Gumdrops_1

When I showed her my nails, she pretty much freaked out.
Different Dimension Gumdrops_2

Which I can kind of understand, because Gumdrops is one super cute nail polish.
Different Dimension Gumdrops_5

If you’ve been following nail polish blogs over the summer, you might have witnessed the wave of “I want”-screams triggered by KBShimmer’s Oh Splat!, which is a white jelly polish interspersed with multicolored glitters.
Different Dimension Gumdrops_4

Gumdrops is similar by idea, but totally different in execution. The base of the polish is more of a light grey, and the glitters are red, pink, blue and silver. It is rather sheer, but easy to build up. I used three coats.
Different Dimension Gumdrops_6

Coat: H&M, loafers: Charles Philip Shanghai, skirt: H&M, blouse: WE, scarf: Marimekko for H&M.
Different Dimension Gumdrops_3

Do you like glitter-in-jelly polishes? Which ones did you try that you could recommend to me?

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5 responses to “How I wore it: Different Dimension Gumdrops

  1. I love this! Even though I don’t really have any jelly polishes, but this is really pretty. I personally don’t quite dare to purchase such polishes because I don’t really like layering polishes. (I’m too impatient :P)

  2. I love it, and I’ve been thinking about a white jelly with glitter for a while, I think it’s a fantastic idea, despite the sheerness.
    Your coworker is awesome!! So cool to have someone always notice the new nails and comment. : )

  3. pretty look :)very cute

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