p2 be cool!_1

Sunday Spam: p2

Do you have a favorite line of drugstore or “rather cheap” polishes? I do. I’m a fan of p2 polishes, and I have quite some to show you today.

p2 adorable – a perfect barbie nail polish. It’s pink with silver glitters and it is a Sand Style polish (meaning it’s textured).2 coats.
p2 adorable_1

p2 be cool! is part of their newer releases. It’s a glitter bomb featuring purple, gold, silver and green glitters in blue base. 3 coats.
p2 be cool!_1

p2 blogger’s choice is an intensly shimmering yellow. It looks like a glassfleck, but I can’t say for sure.  Love the color, it’s so intense! 3 coats.
p2 blogger's choice_1

p2 classy is a grey Sand Style polish with purple, gold, silver, pink and green glitters. It’s really pretty. 2 coats.
p2 classy_1

p2 crazy about green is a soft green creme with just the slightest bit of shimmer. You can see it compared to other greens here. 2 coats.
p2 crazy about green_1_1

p2 go crazy! is a mix of differently sized pink glitters in various shades in a pink base. 3 coats.
p2 go crazy!_1

p2 go dangerous! is a mix of gold, pink and blue glitters in a black base. I really like those glitter mixes in dark bases. 2 coats.
p2 go dangerous!_1

p2 hug me! is a egg yolk creme polish. It’s on the verge of mustard color, and much too warm for my skin tone but I like it anyways. 2 coats.
p2 hug me!_1

p2 illegal is a red Sand Style polish with tiny golden glitters. Lovely. 2 coats.
p2 illegal_1

p2 be divine! is a mix of differently shaped pink glitters in a blue base. 4 coats.
p2 lost in glitter be divine!_1

p2 love dramatic! is my favorite from the Lost in Glitter line. It consists of various sizes of red glitters in a red base, but the twist is that there are sparse glitters that sparkle golden. Gorgeous. 3 coats.
p2 love dramatic!_1

p2 precious is a pale golden Sand Style polish. It’s not very original, but nice nevertheless. 2 coats.
p2 precious_1

If you also thought that it looks very much like Jessica Touch it, here’s the comparison. Touch it has fewer big glitters, but it looks more composed than precious. I honestly don’t think that anyone would notice the difference though.
p2 precious_jessica touch it_1

p2 start wild! is a mix of golden, green and holographic glitters in a sheer green base. It’s the most sheer of the Lost in Glitter line. I thought it might be a substitute for pretty serious Liquid Leprechaun, but it isn’t, so now I have both. 3 coats.
p2 start wild!_1

p2 strict is a gun metal grey Sand Style polish. It looks as if it has a lavender touch in some light, very pretty. 2 coats.
p2 strict_1_1

So, do you have a favorite p2 polish?

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: p2

  1. I envy you. p2 are only available in Germany and Austria and us in other countries can only drool over your swatches. Fortunately, a friend went to Germany this summer and he brought me some of these lovelies and I was fortunate to have a fellow blogger from Berlin swap with me. All p2 Sand Style polishes I have are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. So much so that I had to buy OPI Akcatraz… Rocks as a substitute for p2 Confidential.

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