Illamasqua Omen_posture_6_1

How I wore it: Illamasqua Omen – and how I shouldn’t have worn it.

Today I have a really special post for you. It comes from my heart…. and it shows you that everyone can fail (and I the group leader).

It all started out with the info that I should dress accordingly: there was a party. In a club, which means UV-light, which obviously meant: wear one of your new awesome Illamasqua Glow in UV light polishes.
Illamasqua Omen_posture_3_1

I picked Omen, which is gorgeous even without UV light.
Illamasqua Omen_posture_2_1

It seemed only logical that this amazing green needed to be topped off with a neon yellow necklace (which, obviously, also glows in UV light).
Illamasqua Omen_posture_1_1

From then onwards, it went even more downhill. I decided to do something to my eyes which looks like a mix of the nail polish and the necklace.
Illamasqua Omen_posture_6_1

And I picked the worst possible lipstick available. I saw Illamasqua Posture online. I googled it, it looks gorgeous on so many people. I figured, maybe I’ll be able to pull of a lilac shade of lipstick. I definitely can’t. I look like I drowned.
Illamasqua Omen_posture_4_1

Additionally, in retrospect, I should’ve picked other pants and a shirt that makes me look less pregnant. But I made the best of it and in the club it was dark anyhow (phew!). Now, what do we learn? Apart from pick a beautiful nail polish and leave it at that? We learn that I must have amazingly polite friends. None of them told me that I looked like shit.
Illamasqua Omen_posture_5_1

Tell me about your wrong choices!

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4 thoughts on “How I wore it: Illamasqua Omen – and how I shouldn’t have worn it.

  1. Unexpectedly I liked Omen a lot! Even though it’s totally not my colour.. I don’t think that the outfit was any bad (I love the pants!!), it’s just the lipstick colour is questionable :) But it’s a conservative (in terms of make up) person talking here ;) The post was fun to read!!!

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