Orly La Vida Loca_5

How I wore it: Orly La Vida Loca

Remember summer? Looking back, I miss it a little. This morning it was so misty again – I like fog, I like cold, I like snow, but I miss the light in the evenings. You know, this bright blue the sky turns into when the sun has almost gone down.
Orly La Vida Loca_1

I was walking home in summer after a long day of work, meeting J somewhere on the way so we could stroll home together. It was warm but not hot, quiet and the sky was doing its magic. I like those evening walks, my brain can relax after work and after sitting for hours, my feet are eager to exercise.
Orly La Vida Loca_3

Even though I made this pictures in the evening, you can see how vibrant Orly La Vida Loca is.
Orly La Vida Loca_2

I love wearing a bright pink with a black-and-white outfit. Apart from the fact that I look like a psychotic serial killer on the picture below, can you see how lovely the color is?
Orly La Vida Loca_4

pants: WE, blazer, shirt: Zara, shoes: Ruby shoes (a small italian shoe store in Paris)

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