Zoya Reagan_pahlish glittoris_3

Sunday Spam: many many red indies

Today I have a couple of indies to show you that I wore and that vaguely resemble members of the color family red.

NVL Evil Barbie is a light red jelly packed with black bar, hex and square glitters. I’m wearing two coats over essence Mission Flower.
NVL Evil Barbie_essence mission flower_1_1

My own franken Erntedankfest over OPI Schnapps Out of it. You can’t say anything bad about it, because I already don’t like it.
OPI Schnapps out of it_franken erntedankfest_1

pahlish fire in the taco bell (over Jessica Love Story)is a sheer red-ish jelly packed with round and square glitters in pink to purple shades.
pahlish fire in the taco bell_jessica love story_1_1

Pretty Serious Viscious Vampire was the first ever Pretty Serious I got to try thanks to a somewhat irregular polish exchange with my friend T. It is basically red  with red and pink glitters and I didn’t like it – neither the formula (tipwear heaven!) nor the color. I do love many other Pretty Serious polishes, among them BSOD.
pretty serious_vicious vampire_2_1

I have no idea what brand this is, but it is called Red Light District. It’s a sheer red jelly with holographic glitters and stars, worn here over Inglot 036. I don’t really like polishes with stars.
Red Light District_Inglot 036_1

sonoma nail art I am a pretty pretty prince(ss) is a lavender/pinkish jelly with blue, pink and silver hex glitters and purplish squares. I’m wearing two coats over Revlon Press On Pink. I have high admiration for sonoma nail art as the owner and creator is super nice and her polishes are really lovely!
sonoma nail art I am a Pretty Pretty Princess_Revlon Press on Pink_1

Whimsical Ideas by Pam Miss Whoelo is a vibrant pink jelly with iridiscent microglitter. I love the bottle design (they come with tiny bow ties around the bottle cap) and the font and luckily I also like the polish. 2 coats over flormar M09.
whimsical ideas by pam miss wohelo_Revlon Wild Strawberry_2
whimsical ideas by pam miss whoelo_flormar M09_1_1

pahlish Glittoris is a red jelly packed with medium sized square and hex glitters in pink and orange and smaller iridiscent and pink glitters. The name is too funny, don’t you think?
Zoya Reagan_pahlish glittoris_3

Do you have a favorite?

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