Orly Space Cadet Inglot 421_8

How I wore it: Orly Space Cadet and Inglot 421

Let us recapitulate quickly: What are the big nail trends in 2013? I’d say holographic polishes, duochrome/multichrome polishes, out-of-the-box glitter mixes and of course, textured polishes.

Orly Space Cadet was released in 2010, but it is still up to date. The Cosmic FX collection consisted of more duochromes than this, as well as the MAC Venomous Villans collection.
Orly Space Cadet Inglot 421_1


In 2011 and 2012, the duochromes got less glittery and more smooth, tending to look like shimmers.
Orly Space Cadet Inglot 421_3

Along came the topcoat-duochromes, which were absolutely stunning shape shifters, once they were put over dark polishes.
Orly Space Cadet Inglot 421_2

As the textures made quite a big entrance in 2013, duochromes took a small step back. But only to make an entry as holographic polishes! The varieties are endless. But would you be surprised if I told you that two of the most loved and sought after nail polishes are a holo (Chanel Holographic) and a multichrome topper (Clarins 230)?
Orly Space Cadet Inglot 421_4

I’m personally neither a huge holographic or duochrome fan. Especially the blue-to-purple duochromes bore me. The next silver holo bores me. What I do love it the unexpected. And I must admit that the color shift in Space Cadet from burgundy to moss green was unexpected.
Orly Space Cadet Inglot 421_5

A polish as versatile and fun has to be worn with an outfit that will not take aways the attention from the polish, I thought, so I picked accordingly.
Orly Space Cadet Inglot 421_8

I’m wearing all blue and black – skirt and t-shirt by Uniqlo, shoes Geox – and Inglot 421 on the lips. Love the bright matte pink, I needed no other make-up (which is technically not true, as I’m wearing mascara and eyebrow something.). Can you see that on my right hand the polish looks burgundy, while on my left it looks green??!
Orly Space Cadet Inglot 421_6

What do you think about duochrome polishes? Love them or hate them?

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