p2 mirror mirror on the wall LE

I’ve said it before and I still stand by it: I’m a nail polish snob. I prefer thick, heavy, beautifully shaped bottles to cheap looking ones with a plastic cap that looses color if you look at it twice. I like beautiful packaging (even though I will throw it away, it is, after all, packaging) and nice presentation of the product. Let me point out that I said prefer, because if the product inside can’t live up to the expectations I’m getting from the looks of its outside, I discard an expensive product as quickly as a cheap one. No discrimination here :)

So one of the brands that I have experienced would never let me down is p2. I seriously love their polishes – expecially the LE ones, because they come in fun bottles. This LE is called mirror mirror on the wall and features 3 polishes.

Elegant Grey is most probably the most boring of the bunch. It is a medium grey creme, and looks as if it has a slightly blue touch. If you don’t own any grey cremes, I’d suggest to check out the KIKO range. When it comes to grey cremes, they seriously produce my favorites.
p2 mirror mirror on the wall elegant grey_1

Golden Glow is a beige / sand / nude polish with a heavy (silver) metallic shimmer. I don’t like the color on me, but I like the polish. It was easy to apply, covered in two coats and it is a nice alternative to a boring nude cream.
p2 mirror mirror on the wall golden glow_1

Sensual Purple is the not-so-secret hero of this LE. It is a depp shimmery purple with red and blue microglitters that make the polish really sparkle.
p2 mirror mirror on the wall sensual purple_1

Sparkling Petrol is a metallic turquoise polish. Rest assured, it dries streak-free. I love the look of this, it reminds me of the clear sky on an icy cold winter day. It has the best formula of the bunch, it covers in one coat.
p2 mirror mirror on the wall sparkling petrol_1

Did you get any of these polishes? They are still readily available.

11 responses to “p2 mirror mirror on the wall LE

  1. Sensual Purple is beautiful! Love it.

  2. That purple is stunning! I wish I could get these in the states!

  3. Sparkling Patrol is really unique to me, I don’t think I have anything like that!

  4. I actually like the grey and the purple ones! Also, I had a noname Sparking Patrol dupe – tried it then sold it :{

  5. I actually love the grey one!, there’s something about grey cremes, so modern.

  6. Ooooh, that purple is amazing!! <3 I need it!! I hope they'll still have it, when I get to the store ;)

  7. Das Lila gefällt mir am besten :) Schöner Blog, werd dir mal folgen!

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