Sunday Spam: random OPI

Welcome to yet another Sunday Spam. I hope you’re getting some time to relax!

OPI Black Cherry Chutney – gorgeously dark red polish with intense shimmer. OPI at its’ best – 2 coats.
OPI Black Cherry Chutney (1)

OPI At your Quebey and Call is an olive green polish with a golden shimmer. An absolute favorite of mine, and a pretty old OPI. 2 coats.
OPI At your quebec and call (1)

OPI Berlin There Done That is a putty/taupe creme polish. Great formula and I really like the color. 2 coats.
OPI Berlin there done that_1

OPI Every month is Oktoberfest is the polish everyone wanted – I on the other hand am not terribly amazed. There’s too much brown in it for me to love it – it is, undeniably, pretty though. 2 coats.
OPI Every month is Oktoberfest_4
OPI Every month is Oktoberfest_3

OPI Black Spotted was a Sephora France exclusive. I bought it for friends and couldn’t resist trying it. I have zero idea what the fuss is about. It looks like alien slime over my fingers. 1 coat over essence berry me home.
OPI Black Spotted over essence berry me home

OPI Planks a lot is a cool lavender creme polish. It has this lovely pastel shade and it applies so easily, it’s a purple for me. 2 coats.
OPI Planks a lot_1

OPI Suzi loves Cowboys is a chocolate brown creme. It must look great on those who love brown nails. I don’t. 2 coats.
OPI suzi loves cowboys_1

OPI Vant to bite my neck? is a really dark murky purple creme. Good quality and a great base for some glitter! 2 coats.
OPI Vant to bite my neck_1

OPI Vesper is a dark purple texture polish without glitter. I prefer the glitter ones, though I must admit it has great quality! 2 coats.
OPI Vesper_1

Any favorites?

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12 responses to “Sunday Spam: random OPI

  1. Vesper hab ich auch und trag ihn sehr gerne :) mir gefällt sonst Every Month Is Oktoberfest am Besten, passt voll in mein Beuteschema :))

  2. Every month is Oktoberfest is soooo dang pretty!! :)

  3. Quebey is brilliant, I love the olive tint in the gold base.
    Berlin is super pretty too, good to know about the formula!

  4. Nice swatches. My fave is OPI Berlin There Done That. :)

  5. So to sum up… you don’t really like most of these polishes lol

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