essie bungle jungle_Kiko 392_6_1

How I wore it: essie bungle jungle

I love red nail polish and red lipstick. I love it just as much as I like pink nail polish and lipstick, but red always makes me feel invincible. It may come as a surprise that I own about 10 red lipsticks – more than I will use in the next 5 years – and I love them all.
essie bungle jungle_Kiko 392_5_1

Worse than my collection of red lipsticks is, in numbers, my collection of red nail polishes. I seem not to be able to part with any of them – I try, I wear them and try to tell myself that they don’t look that good or I have one just like it, but I fail mostly. (This is essie Bungle Jungle, btw)essie bungle jungle_Kiko 392_1_1

essie bungle jungle_Kiko 392_3_1
It’s just that when I wear red lipsticks and red nails, I feel like I can pull any pose off. (I’m wearing: KIKO 392)
essie bungle jungle_Kiko 392_2_1

Even the idiotic duckface. Well, at least my things can’t talk and won’t ever tell me.
essie bungle jungle_Kiko 392_4_1

Blazer: H&M, shirt: Uniqlo (men), nails: essie bungle jungle, lips: KIKO 392.

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