Ninja Polish Basilisk

I’m guessing you all know of the Basilisk, a dreadful, poisonous animal that is a sort of dragn-snake-with-a-beak-animal. Don’t tell me you don’t know it, Harry Potter fought it and won!
Ninja Polish Basilisk_KIKO 297_3

Did you know that Harry Potter wasn’t the first one to successfully fight a Basilisk? One little boy from Vienna climed down a well with a mirror to save the Viennese from the Basilisk. He showed the Basilisk his own image in a mirror and because no-one can look at the Basilisk, not even the Basilisk himself, the Basilisk turned to stone.
Ninja Polish Basilisk_KIKO 297_4

Luckily, Basilisk by Ninja Polish is of the kind one can look at. It actually is of the kind one should look at! I’m showing you one coat of Basilisk over KIKO 297, a medium green creme.
Ninja Polish Basilisk_KIKO 297_5

The Basilisk looks more fierce and dangerous in the dark, don’t you think? I think the slimy meanness of an enemy you can’t look at is enhanced in twilight, so I decided to layer it next over OPI I saw…you saw…we saw…warsaw.
Ninja Polish Basilisk_OPI Isaw...U saw...We saw...Warsaw_2

The dark polishes enhances the green to gold shift in this glitter firework.
Ninja Polish Basilisk_OPI Isaw...U saw...We saw...Warsaw_3

The formula of the polish is great. I used only one coat for these manicures and the glitter payoff is great. Removal is surprisingly easy. Sign up for E-Mail news so you won’t miss any re-stocks.
Ninja Polish Basilisk_OPI Isaw...U saw...We saw...Warsaw_4

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8 responses to “Ninja Polish Basilisk

  1. Haha, I was about to type ‘the same little boy killed the Basilisk in Warsaw too’ and then I saw you used I saw… you saw… : ))
    I thought I loved it over green, but actually, it’s more striking over OPI. Beautiful.

  2. Enchanted, really! That’s Basilisk after all :D
    I did know the legend about the mirror, but what I didn’t know is that it happened in Vienna! :)

    • :)
      There’s an inscription on a house here in Vienna and a statue of a basilisk on the well in the court yard. Pretty much like in ANY city that was standing during the medieval times, right? ;)

  3. I did NOT know about this NInja Polish! Insta-want for me! It’s just really gorgeous and I love your layering. :)

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