comparison pink

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re as excited as I am for the weekend. In November, half of Austria (or even more?!) eats, at least once, goose. It most probably started for a reason, but I’m unfamiliar with it and I’m too lazy to find out. It is, however, important to eat goose with red cabbage and potatoes or dumplings. And we got invited by E.’s mum for such a dinner, which I’m very much looking forward to!

Anyhow. I have a small comparison for you today. It helped me downsize my collection a little bit!

Color Club hot like lava – Pure Ice Stunning – China Glaze Mistletoe me! – Models own tickled pink, from left to right. I love China Glaze Mistletoe me!, which I received in a swap from M., but it broke and I couldn’t save it anymore. Luckily, B. knew about my deep inner pain and feeling of loss so she managed to find me another one. It was part of a limited edition, but if you look at the picture, I imagine Pure Ice Stunning with a topcoat would look similar? Color Club hot like lava is a bit lighter, and the odd one out here is definitively Models Own tickled pink.
Models own tickled pink_ChG Mistletoe me!_pure ice stunning_Color Club hot like lava%0A(v klf zu zf)_1_1

Color Club hot like lava – Pure Ice Stunning – China Glaze Mistletoe me! – Revlon Fierce. Here we have a similar scenario: three polishes that are rather close, and one that’s not. Revlon Fierce has a similar finish to color club hot like lava, but it is purple.
Revlon Fierce_ChG Mistletoe me!_pure ice stunning_Color Club hot like lava_1%0A_1

Finally I found two polishes that are surely worth comparing: Nubar Mestiza and Kat von D Sparklehorse. I have no idea anymore which is which, I only wrote down that I used three thin coats each. I love the shimmer but I really can’t justify keeping both. They are, after all, proper dupes.
Nubar Mestiza vs Kat von D Sparkle Horse_1_1

Which is your favorite?

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9 responses to “comparison pink

  1. I find it amazing how sismilar colours can be.. I’m a sucker for teals myself and have about five of them identical!

  2. These yellows are beauuuutfiul!
    Although, you’re right, proper dupes.
    The goose is because of the Feast of St. Martin I think. It has roots both in the Christian tradition (St Martin was the Roman soldier who gave half his cloak to a beggar) and the harvest calendar – more pragmatic.
    Enjoy the feast! : )

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