Revlon Wild Strawberry_2

Sunday Spam: Revlon

Happy Sunday! Today I want to show you some Revlon polishes I wore or swatched.

Revlon Cherry Bon Bon is a creamy hot red. Lovely polish and formula, 2 coats – it is scented, so if you can’t stand scented polish, stay away from it.
Revlon Cherry Bon Bon_1

Revlon Crystal Glow is a very sheer, very watery yellow. It doesn’t cover even in three coats. Despite my love for yellow, this one had to go.
Revlon Crystal Glow_1_1

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia is a black jelly packed with fuchsia glitter particles (small and medium sized). It is a dupe to deborah lippmann Bad Romance - I like the deborah lippmann bottles better, so this one had to leave despite it being so pretty. 2 coats.
Revlon facets of fuchsia_2

Revlon Press on Pink is a pearly barbie pink. I like the color generally, but this particular polish on me was rather meh. 2 coats.
Revlon Press on Pink_1

Revlon Princess is a soft, denim looking blue. I like it, but I like it much, much better on Alina. 2 coats.
Revlon Princess_1

Revlon Royal Cloak is a deep purple packed with tiny silver glitters and non-defineable flakes. It looks pretty cool but I don’t like the (warm) shade of purple. I wish this was green! 2 coats.
Revlon Royal Cloak_2
Revlon Royal Cloak_1

Revlon Shining Strength is a glitter mix of rosé glitters (small and medium sized) in a clear base. I’m wearing one coat over essie check-up and I love it!
Revlon Shining Strength_essie check-up_1

Revlon Spanish Moss is a dusty shade of camouflage green with shimmer. I like the shade, it’s green but with enough grey so I can wear it to work. 2 coats.
Revlon Spanish Moss

Revlon Sugar Glaze is a blue toned barbie pink creme. The only substantial downside to this is that it is scented, and I can’t stand the smell. 2 coats.
Revlon Sugar Glaze_1

Revlon Topaz is a duochrome polish that varies in shades of green to gold. Quite lovely, and opaque on its own in two coats.
Revlon Topaz_1

Revlon Wild Strawberry is a vivid medium pink with intense (blue) shimmer. I think everyone needs a shade like this in (his or) her collection. Perfect formula, opaque in 2 coats.
Revlon Wild Strawberry_2

What’s your favorite Revlon shade?

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