essence superheroes wonder wow! man!_1

essence Superheroes TE

I hope you’re up for a new essence Trend Edition! This one is quite interesting. It is called Superheroes and it contains pretty much all the latest trends in nail polish.

The Awesome is a pink jelly polish packed with all kinds of glitters. It is opaque in 3 coats and surprisingly easy to apply for such a glitter bomb.
essence superheroes  the awesome_1

Fantastic Girl is a thermal polish, meaning it changes from hot to cold. I used two coats of Fantastic Girl, but the changes that can be seen are really negligible. I can see that essence really tried here and I love the effort but it needs a bit of improvement to be able to be named in one go with Dance Legend.
essence superheroes fantastic girl_1

Power Girl is one of the polishes I think you’re all going to love. It is a blue to purple duochrome, and a really lovely one at that. 2 coats – no need for it to be layered!
essence superheroes power girl_1

Super, Man!  is a silver metallic polish that is packed with holographic glitters. I didn’t expect the glitters to show up but they do! And they sparkle like crazy. My favorite, I have to admit. 2 coats.
essence superheroes super, man!_1
essence superheroes super, man!_2

The Increcible is, unfortunately, not really incredible. I really like textured polishes but this one doesn’t have a good formula. It doesn’t get the matte, rough look but dries to a weird mess that looks like dried up wallpaint with dirt in it. Unfortunate, but not all polishes can be perfect, right? Two coats.
essence superheroes the incredible_1

Wonder Wow! Man! is a metallic that dries almost streak free. I thought a gold flake topcoat would have been more fun. It has a good quality and is opaque in two coats.
essence superheroes wonder wow! man!_1

Which one do you like best?

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