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Sunday Spam: “luxury” polishes

First things first: I call these nail polishes luxury nail polishes for two reasons. The first, and rather obvious, reason is the price. The second, more personal, reason is my attitude towards shopping for these polishes: I usually buy them on vacation, when I have time to look around and take one or two things home with me. In this case, the “Luxury” part is not applicable to the price of things, but due to the fact that I have time to do as I please. Time is a luxury. 

Dolce & Gabbana Stromboli - my first and only Dolce & Gabbana nail polish is a big  success. The formula is exemplary (this is 1 coat) and the color is exactly what I like. Golden shimmer, dark but noch black, murky, but such a depth. Without hesitation I’d suggest you all buy this.
Dolce & Gabbana Stromboli_1

Estee Lauder Beautiful Liar – a gift from my brother, who brought this back from a trip with the words, I wanted to get you something nice. You like pink, right? I do, and I like this polish, and wear it, but I wouldn’t know what to say to make it extraordinary; it’s this red-pink color that I like; it’s a creme, it applies nicely. 2 coats.
estee lauder beautiful liar_1_1

Estee Lauder Or Extravagant Night –  shown here over Zoya Savita. Lovely but sheer dark murky purple polish that is full of tiny glitters. I absolutely love wearing this but I must admit that the picture is not half as pretty as the polish.
Estee Lauder Or extravagant night_Zoya Savita_1_1

Givenchy Acoustic Purple –  blue toned purple with intense shimmer and tiny golden glitter sparks. I love the idea of it but I won’t ever wear this again, so I decided to let this one live with my friend M. 1 coat.
Givenchy Acoustic Purple_2_1
Givenchy Acoustic Purple_1_1

Guerlain 00 –   sheer white pink jelly, I assume a huge success with the average Austrian woman, who “wears” nail polish. At 1 or even 2 coats it doesn’t matter if you put it on or not. At 4 coats (shown here) I start liking it. It is, however, fabulous for jelly sandwiches.
Guerlain 00_1

YSL the brown polish from the 007 duo – here’s the thing. The green polish from this duo is one of my absolute favorite polishes in the world, and, due to it’s size, the only polish I own twice. However, this is the brown one, and I just don’t like brown. So sadly, the green one must live with me and the brown one is up for adoption.
YSL duo07 brown_2

Let me know your favorites! What constitutes a luxury nail polish for you?

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: “luxury” polishes

  1. The Dolce & Gabbana polish looks a bit like Loreal Owl’s Night and China Glaze Cast a Spell. Do you have either to compare it with?

  2. My fave is the Givenchy one you gave away. :)
    Luxury… I don’t see my beauty stuff as luxuries, but there are a few polishes that I’d consider to be preious, like Max Factor Fantasy Fire or China Glaze Lubu Heels.

    • I consider the mere fact that I have the funds to pay for nice clothes, shoes, make-up, nailpolish, books… a luxury. Especially that I can choose to get more than I need. But I agree, there are some things that are luxury and then there are things that are precious. I do have a few of these precious items too, gifts from loved ones, etc :)

  3. Also der Dolce & Gabbana Lack ist toll. Ich teile deine Meinung, ich kaufe mir auch oft im Urlaub teurere Lacke (ok ich kaufe sie so auch) meist wenn ich ein bisschen Zeit habe. Meine Liebsten High End Lacke sind von Dior und YSL (obwohl ich da erst zwei besitze, aber die sind beide toll). Bei dem Guerlain Lack geb ich dir recht, meine Mutter würde den übrigens lieben xD

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