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Manhatten Bonnie Strange nail polishes

Good morning, nail polish enthusiasts!

Today I am able to show you a whole Manhatten Collection – I’ve ignored Manhatten polishes until this collection. I can truly and honestly say that two of these polishes are now part of my collection and I adore them, even though I have no idea who Bonnie Strange is – she worked with Manhatten on this collection, at least if I can believe the folder that came with these polishes.

Berlin Bling is a super sparkly silver foil looking metallic nail polish. It glistens and glimmers like aluminum foil. 2 coats.
manhatten Bonnie strange 001

Kreuzberg Darling is a girly pink creme. It is rather sheer though, I needed 3 coats for opacity. It doesn’t really fit in this collection if you ask me.
manhatten Bonnie strange 002

Very Veggie is a mesmerizing teal with a slight duochrome shift to a dark teal and purple. I have seen similar teals like this, but colors like this are always fun to look at. 2 coats.
manhatten Bonnie strange 003

Black Trash is a black polish with silver glitter throughout the polish. It is very pretty and reminds me of a black version of the oh-so-famous essie Starry Starry Night. It was a bit thick in terms of formula and definitely needs topcoat. 2 coats.
manhatten Bonnie strange 004

Now onto the first one of my favorites! Überlover is a slightly greenish light gold, also with a foil look. Absolutely amazing in color and a shade of gold I didn’t own yet. I was really surprised at how pretty this is.
manhatten Bonnie strange 005

The absolute prettiest of this collection is The Wow-Show!. It has a plum / aubergine base color and is packed with bronze and golden micro glitters. It covers perfectly in two coats and looks just so lovely!
manhatten Bonnie strange 007

Did you buy any of these polishes?

The products were provided for review by the Manhatten PR. I bought The Wow-Show! myself, so that one doesn’t count.

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