essence beauty beats I'm Backstage_1

essence beauty beats TE

Good Morning! Today I have another Essence Trend Edition to show you – they collaborated with Justin Bieber to produce a special trend edition: beauty beats. Not necessarily a very new idea to collaborate with Justin Bieber, but as we recently learned, Bieber-Fieber got acknowledged by the WHO as a real sickness (sorry you guys – the article is in German).

Baby, Baby, Ooh! – read in Christopher Walken wonderfully dry and monotone way of speech – is a purple creme. Really pretty, covert perfectly in two coats.
essence beauty beats Baby, Baby, Ooh!_1

Groupie at heart is a very bright pink with a slight tendendency to look coral. It has an intense shimmer in the bottle, but that doesn’t transfer onto the nail as much. 2 coats.
essence beauty beats groupie at heart_1

I’m Backstage is a baby blue creme. It looks as if it would be a shimmer, but really none of that transfers onto the nail, so it looks like a creme. Pretty though; unfortunately it had the worst formula of this collection. 3 coats.
essence beauty beats I'm Backstage_1

As long as you love me is by far my favorite. It’s a lovely shade of grey with intense golden shimmer. Basically it looks like sun after rain to me. Absolutely lovely. 2 coats.
essence beauty beats As long as you love me_1

Did you get any of these polishes or do you stay away  from anything Bieber?

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2 thoughts on “essence beauty beats TE

  1. Not a fan of Bieber, but that doesn’t matter really, it’s all about the colours, thanks for those pics, I only REALLY love the grey one, so so pretty, it’s awesome that it’s a cold grey but with golden specks, lovely <3

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