NOPI Sensational Scarlet_NARS Valpariso_6_1

How I wore it: NOPI Sensational Scarlet and NARS Valpariso

I have a bit of a problem, I’ll admit it openly: I really don’t like the bottle shape of Nicole by OPI bottles, but I really like those polishes. I have, despite their frequent Justin Bieber collaborations, quite a few NOPIs – as they’re lovingly called.  In terms of formula and color variations, they’re not second to their “mum”, OPI.

This is one of my favorite NOPIs: Sensational Scarlet.
NOPI Sensational Scarlet_NARS Valpariso_1

In terms of base color, this is a pink leaning red, but it isn’t average, no! It’s a jelly that is packed to the bottle neck with holographic glitters. It only took 2 coats to be opaque, and 1 coat of topcoat to be smooth.
NOPI Sensational Scarlet_NARS Valpariso_2

I have been in a red mood all year. To be honest, I didn’t really liked to wear red for a long time – especially when my mum told me that blue, beige and red suits me, I decided to wear black and green. Obviously I was in puberty then, and my behaviour can be explained. Nevertheless, I only turned to red last winter.
NOPI Sensational Scarlet_NARS Valpariso_3_1

My first, rather shy purchase was a dark red vest, and right after that, I bought this blouse. I have been wearing it in summer, spring, winter, fall, no matter what. It works with a skirt as well as with pants and jeans, so it was a good investment.
NOPI Sensational Scarlet_NARS Valpariso_5_1

On my lips I’m wearing NARS Valpariso, which I initially thought was too dark for me, but I do really like it. Additionally, it matches NOPI Sensational Scarlett.
NOPI Sensational Scarlet_NARS Valpariso_6_1

Blouse: WE, Blazer: Esprit, shoes: Converse, Jeans: WE.

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