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Sunday Spam: essie

Today I have a special treat for my Austrian and German readers: essie spam. It appears that essie is the most loved nail polish brand of Austrians, something I can’t say I share. I like maybe a handful of essie polishes, by far less than from other brands. But, what to do, Austrians love essie (without trying to be mean here, but I think we Austrians have no clue what nail polish can be like and would be like if we went further than DM, BIPA, Douglas & Co. I am trying, here, on my blog, to change it a bit, and hope the future will be brighter!).

essie Bungle Jungle – orange leaning gleaming red. Very shimmery, very generic. 2 coats.
essie bungle jungle_1

essie Check-Up – I hate this kind of color.  It’s this half hearted pink…. washed out, dusty, not a nude, but not really a pink either. 2 coats.
essie check-up_1

essie Curtain Call – I wish the Curtain had already fallen! Sheer, streaky, shimmery beige. I’d call it the Austrian nail polish color, that’s how often you will see it (equals similar colors) here. 3 coats.
essie curtain call_1

essie I am strong – Come on! Can it be more generic? Breastcancer pink, creme, 2 coats.
essie I am strong_1

essie Instant Hot – now, I honestly don’t get what exactly it is that turns instant hot with this color. It has microscopically small silver flecks in the off-white base. The flecks only show up if you look really, really close. I needed 3 coats for this to work, and it was still a bit patchy. I do like the idea of this polish, but in terms of formula, I’ve seen much better.
essie instant hot_1

essie Like to be bad –  uhm, what? This is the most tame polish color I know. Sweet, lovely and innocent light pink creme, a genius move, essie, because no one ever came up with it before you. Or after, with a better formula, for that matter. 3 coats.
essie like to be bad_1

essie Love and acceptance – now that is better. I can love and accept this color. Murky grey/purple cremes are something I really like, and I also think this is a color that fits almost every one, independent of style and type. 2 coats.
essie love and acceptance_1

essie Secret affair – all is ruined again. Sheer, streaky, almost frosty off white –  Smoker’s nails galore. Not a good idea. 3 coats.
essie secret affair_1

essie Trombone – lovely tomatoe red creme. I would love this if I didn’t have one from Cult Nails that is more shiny, more vibrant and has a better formula. Check it out here. 2 coats.
essie Trombone_1

Essie watermelon – it looks washed out on my picture, but to my defense, you most probably have seen it or own it. Vibrant pink with red undertones,  most people like it. I also like it, but I have decided to let it go – because I have many a polish that I like better than Watermelon, and many a polish that look the same, and last longer and don’t give me the “essie is so overrated” feeling. Subjective, I know, but hey, this is my personal blog.
essie watermelon_1

Do you like essie? Do you have a favorite essie polish? Have you seen the preview of the winter collection (the one with the texture that looks like a vulcano erruption), and do you find it as ugly as I do?

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: essie

  1. Ich hab ein paar Essie’s, es sind aber mehr ausgezogen bei mir als bei jeder anderen Marke. Am liebsten trage ich Boom Boom Room, ein knalliges Pink. Den Lack mag ich wahrscheinlich auch so weil er ein Geschenk meiner Mutter zum Muttertag war. Sonst greife ich eher zu anderen Marken, obwohl ich Essie per se nicht schlecht finde (Haltbarkeit und Finish). Die Farben sind einfach so langweilig.

  2. Also ich mag essie, weil sie bei mir mit Abstand am längsten halten (also die meisten), das war damals eine echte Offenbarung! Die Farbauswahl ist halt abseits von Rot/Rosatönen und vom Finish her etwas eingeschränkt, aber als Creme-Basics find ich sie super! Zur Verteidigung muss ich aber sagen, dass auch mir als essiefan außer Watermelon keine von den Farben gefallen :P

  3. I think a lot of the older Essies are totally overrated with generic colors, and poor formulas. But they’ve come out with some cool stuff in the last couple years, and I think the formulas have gotten better!

    • I liked some of the older ones, but as other brands produce dupes or colors similar enough with better formula, I’m going through my essies realizing that the formula is worse, the colors lack this little bit of special something, etc. I have a couple of essies I like in color and formula, but those are, like you said, newer ones. It’s just that essie fails to thrill me.

  4. Wow, you are so right! I thought I was in love with Trombone until I got a peek at Evil Queen! It’s just all around so much better, even the name.

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