Maybelline Vintage Leather Turquoise Temptation_1

seriously ugly

Today I want to show you a couple of new-ish nail trends that I consider terrible. No, I’m not even sure if terrible is a word strong-enough to describe my feelings.
Layla Nail effects 5_6_3

Caviar effect nails a.k.a. little pearls on your nails: It’s not a new trend, but it won’t end. First of all, it is unpractical, secondly, it is little pearls on your nails! Who in the whole wide world would want something that belongs (in its edible version) on cake on his/her nails? That apart from the fact that some beads will not stick so one ends up with a patchy version of the commercial.
Layla Nail effects 5_6_1

Velvet effect, or grass effect or fuzzy nails or whatever you want to call it: slice open a pillow cushion and put your nails in it. Looks like a chicken just hatched on your nails or a naked cat with hair implants. VERY unfortunate. Above that, despite all funnels and brushes, this fabric thing sticks everywhere (see the picture below of the green fuzzy thing).
Layla Velvet Effect Nail Art 07
Layla Nail effects 5_6_2

Flat matte polishes with glitter/flakes in them: I don’t know who came up with this but jeez that is one hell of an ugly nail polish. Flat matte teal with flakies in there that just make the polish look as if it is weirdly patchy. Add a horrible cuticle floowing formula to the mix and a bit of staining, and you have Maybelline Vintage Leather Turquoise*.
Maybelline Vintage Leather Turquoise Temptation_1

*PR Sample provided for my honest review.

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17 thoughts on “seriously ugly

  1. Du hast vollkommen recht! :-) Caviar Nägel schauen IN.DER.WERBUNG ja ganz hübsch aus, aber so wie du sagst, das wird nie so schön. Abgesehen davon mag ich so 3D Sachen nicht auf den Nägeln, weil ich dauernd das Gefühl habe, dass es jeden Augenblick runter geht. Und das Velvet Finish ist sowieso fürchterlich :-)

  2. I have the exact same problems with that Vintage Leather, formula was horrid and thankfully I had used two base coats thinking it would be a nightmare. And it was. Ugh :-/

  3. I have High Style Sienna from Vintage Leather and I kind of like it plus the formula wasn’t bad at all. Can’t comment on the other polishes from this collection though, have heard and read that some are quite awful.

  4. I have never understood the “fluffy nail” look. I get the sand texture but not this. I don’t understand the pearls either. I tried it one time myself and that was it. Oddly enough, my son randomly got a hold of my little box and dumped them all out… Thousands of them. I guess he doesn’t like them either.

  5. OMG, chicken and the naked cat, lol!!!
    I though it was only me… I don’t understand any of these trends. I mean, I do, but I dislike them wholeheartedly. That said, I haven’t actually worn them, that’s how much I don’t like them, I’m not even tempted.
    Especially the pearls. I mean, they will NEVER look good, they’re so impractical.
    Glad I’m not the only one.

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