Green Comparison

Today I have a small green comparison for you. These are all greens that I decided to compare to minimize my green stash. Basically, after this comparison, many of them were up for review (which means, wearing them and putting them back in my collection).

China Glaze Def Defying – SOPI It’s totally Karma – KIKO 297 – Lime Crime Pastelchio (from index to pinkie). These are all medium green cremes except for Lime Crime Pastelchio with is a neon pastel. It also has the worst formula of the four, but the most fun color. I decided to let go Def Defying and am disputing, if I should keep the SOPI or the KIKO…. ChG def defying_SOPI It’s totally Karma_KIKO 297_Lime Crime Pastelchio (v zf zu klf)_1%0A_1

China Glaze Def Defying – SOPI It’s totally Karma – OCC Wasabi – butter LONDON Squatter (from index to pinkie).  OCC Wasabi and bL Squatter look very close in daylight. The formula was good on both!
ChG def defying_SOPI It’s totally Karma_OCC Wasabi_bL Squatter (v zf zu klf)_1%0A_1

 Illamasqua Radium –  BB Couture Kamikaze – Layla 06 – Inglot 954 (from index to pinkie). I love Illamasqua Radium (the shimmer!) and Layla 06 (the SHIMMER!), the rest of the polishes I’m not head over heels for.
Illamasqua Radium_bb Couture Kamikaze_Layla 06_Inglot 954 (v zf zu klf)_1%0A_1

Illamasqua Radium – H&M Lime – p2 Crazy about Green – Inglot 954 (from index to pinkie). The obvious winner here, in my books, is Illamasqua Radium. The p2 has an unexpectedly bad application (for p2!).
Illamasqua Radium_H&M Lime_p2 crazy about green_Inglot 954 (v zf zu klf)_1%0A_1

KIKO 627 – L’oreal the tempress touch – Revlon Bonsai – Zoya Tangy (from index to pinkie). Actually, I love all of these.
KIKO 627_loreal the tempress’touch_revlon bonsai_zoya tangy (von zf zu klf)_1%0A_1

YSL Jade Imperial – YSL duo 007 (the green one) – Dior Waterlily – OPI Gargantuan Green Grape (from index to pinkie). My favorite is the YSL duo 007 green one, but I love Jade Imperial and Waterlily just as much. Gargantuan Green Grape is a pest to apply, so I eventually let it go. 
YSL Jade Imperial_YSL 007_Dior Water lily_OPI Gargantuan Green Grape (v zf zu klf)_1%0A_1

Do you have any favorite greens?

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3 responses to “Green Comparison

  1. What a colourful post! Love the shimmer on Layla 06 and L’oreal the tempress touch. :)

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