Ninja Polish Chameleon_4

Ninja Polish Chameleon

Today I want to show you Ninja Polish Chameleon, which is quite what the name suggests!

In the bottle you can already see a big range of colors.
Ninja Polish Chameleon_4

On the nail the color shift has a less amazing spectrum (obviously, because nails aren’t round!).
Ninja Polish Chameleon_1

If you wear it alone, without a base color, 3 coats are necessary for full coverage. The polish is basically a glitter bomb in a clear base.
Ninja Polish Chameleon_2

If worn over a base color (such as black), only one coat is needed. The color shift is just as good over black as it is alone, so you’ll never be bored with “just one color” on the nails.
Ninja Polish Chameleon_1 (1)

I could mostly see a blue-ish purple, deep burgundy and rust-red, mixed with pink specks. It really depends on the light what color your nails will be!
Ninja Polish Chameleon_2 (1)

While I really enjoyed wearing Chameleon, I have to talk about removal quickly. It is not difficult at all to remove the glitter, but make sure you wash your hands after removal! I didn’t do that immediately and had a sparkly pullover later on (not that bad, I know!).
Ninja Polish Chameleon_3 (1)

Do you have any Ninja Polish polishes? Which one is your favorite?

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