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Sunday Spam: sally hansen

Sally Hansen has so many different lines of nail polish that I decided not to sort them in a particular way but keep them under “sally hansen”. All the bottles may have different shapes, but I try to ignore that and see them all as equals.

My favorite Sally Hansen Line is, however (so much for equals, huh?) the Insta Dry line. Some of the polishes work great for stamping and many of them are even one-coaters (so those of you who still only use 1 coat of polish know what to get!). This is Just in Lime, a gorgeous grass green creme polish. It dries so glossy, you can see my mirrored image on the nail.
sally hansen just in lime_1

Must-have iris (over Finger Paints Louvre this Pink) is a sheer shimmery pink. It has a nice blue shimmer to it, but it isn’t really original. This is part of their Diamond Strength line.
sally hansen must-have iris_Finger Paints Louvre this pink_1

Pink a Card is one of the Complete Salon Manicure polishes. It is a soft, girly pastel pink creme. I like this shade much more on other people, I seem never to reach for it.  Which is kind of sad, because I really like how it looks.
sally hansen pink a card_1

Quick Canary is also part of the Insta Dry line. It is a shimmery yellow that covers in two coats which is very good for a yellow I think.
sally hansen quick canary_1

Satin from the Smooth and Perfect line is a sheer pastel pink. It’s one of these colors that only cover after a bazillion coats – not really my thing.
sally hansen satin_3

Twist of lime, again part of the Diamond Strength line is a shimmery sheer light green that has a slight duochrome effect towards teal/blue.  I’m wearing it over Sinful Colors Leap Flog.
sally hansen twist of lime over sinful colors leap flog_3
sally hansen twist of lime over sinful colors leap flog_2

I have no idea what this polish is called. It’s basically a sheer black filled with holographic glitter. I layered it over Cult Nails Mind Control. If you have any idea what this could be called let me know!
sally hansen?_Cult Nails Mind Control_2
sally hansen?_Cult Nails Mind Control_1

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: sally hansen

  1. Ich HASSE es, wenn Marken verschiedene Nagellacklinien mit verschiedenen Flaschenformen haben. Geht mir zwar bei Makeup auch so, ich mag einfach ein einheitliches Verpackungsdesign, aber bei Nagellack ist das durchaus ein Grund für mich, eine Marke nicht zu kaufen. Was ich grade noch durchgehen lassen kann, sind verschiedene Formate der gleichen Flaschenform oder unterschiedliche Grifffarben, alles andere macht mich fertig! ^^

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