empty again!

I have no idea how other bloggers manage to use so much stuff. On many blogs I read one gets to read a monthly product review of emptied things, but I can’t use that much stuff in a month! My (first and) last empty review is from March 2013, so I’m showing you what I used in the last 7 month.

empty 3

Neutrogena Bodybalsam Nordic Berry – I gave that one away. I really didn’t like the smell.*PR sample from Glossybox.at
tarte lights camera lashes! mascara in black – lovely try-out sample that I received in a swap. I love the tarte lipsurgence products, and I also really liked this mascara.
p2 deep water love mascara, essence eyeshadow, alverde Glamour Color Mascara – bought all those to try and never used them. Huge waste of money.


Rituals Blue Dragon Shower foam – I’m a huge fan of the Rituals shower products! This particular one has a more tangy smell than the one I usually use (“Yogi Flow”) but I love the consistency of the foam. I need one bottle for 1,5 month.
Philosophy cinnamon buns shower gel – I have said it before, and I will again: Philosophy makes my ABSOLUTE favorite shower gels. I was really, really sad that cinnamon buns was empty.
Philosophy gingerbread girl – see above. Gingerbread girl is a holiday exclusive, and it sparkles. Can you imagine how much fun it is to have a bath in sparkly foam?!
yes to cucumbers daily calming moisturizer – I used this the whole last year, but due to stress I switched to a different line. The smell was nice though and I would switch back if my skin allows.


Maroccanoil Conditioner – liked it, but didn’t love it. The smell was boring. The Maroccanoil Oil on the other hand – so worth it!
Redken Clear Moisture Instant Polishing Prep – nothing compared to my previous spray in conditioner. I switched back already. The smell was boring too. *PR Sample from Glossybox.at
AOK Klärendes Gesichtswasser (cleanser) – lovely summer product, but nothing special about it. I won’t buy that again.
Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack for Normal to Oily Skin – I genuinely love all product containing neem. It somehow works soothing for my skin. I have a new bottle already.
Bodyshow Pamplemousse Rose Exfoliant – I bought this because I like the Pamplemousse showergel, but buying this exfoliant wasn’t economical. I think I managed to get 3-4 applications out of it. Plus the smell is different to the one from the showergel.
Maria Galland lipgloss – super unpractical and sticky lipgloss in this tiny container. On the lips it looks nice, but it is sticky and if you don’t always have a lip brush at hand, you’ll end up with product all over your fingers. I didn’t finish it therefore. *PR sample from Glossybox.at
yes to cucumbers soothing eye gel - I seriously believe that this helps to prevent puffy eyes. Love everything about it and am using my second bottle currently.


Maroccanoil Moisture regenerating Shampoo – I’m not quite convinced about it yet. I haven’t really noticed any change in my hair (neither towards the better or the worse) – the best thing about it is that it lasted me for nearly a half year!
Original Source Mint & Tree Shower Gel – it is so cold to shower with this! Seriously! If you love a cold kick in the morning, this is perfect. I used it sporadically during the hot summer days. I won’t buy it again though, it was just too icy for me.
Dabur Amla Hair Oil – I frequently use Indian Hair Oil, but this one isn’t my favorite, as it has a weird scent… I will use the regular coconut oil again.
Kiehl’s Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit Softening Body Cleanser - this is a whole mouthful, while in fact this is another shower gel. It wasn’t special, and I prefer other Kiehl’s products, but I was glad I could try it.


organix revitalizing pomegranate green tea Conditioner – I didn’t like this product. The smell was off-putting and I need a huge amount of conditioner to get my hair in shape. I definitely won’t be buying this again.
Inglot YSM Cream Foundation in 43 – I use this foundation normally and the more covering “Cream foundation”, also from Inglot, for days when I need the make-up to last. The product lasted me a good year, and I will buy it again, as it is my favorite foundation.
Urban Decay Eye shadow primer potion – this one was a small tube I used for travelling. UD eyeshadow primer is the only eyeshadow primer I ever used and as it works for me, I wouldn’t know why to switch.
Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara – this mascara made my lashes clump. I used it on vacation but I wouldn’t buy it again.

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6 thoughts on “empty again!

  1. I have the big bottle of Philosophy cinnamon buns and adore the smell. Philosophy is the only brand that can make me spend more than 3€ on shower gel, seriously.

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