KIKO 644_ANNY Blue Hypnosis_7

How I wore it: KIKO 644 and ANNY Blue Hypnosis

Now that fall is approaching in giant steps, I need to remind myself of the beautiful sunny days when I was still complaining about the heat. So here is my memory of the hottest day this summer.

I decided to wear a combination of blue and blue, picking ANNY Blue Hypnosis (middle and ring finger) and KIKO 644 (rest). I adore the strikingly vivid blue of Blue Hypnosis! How beautiful!
KIKO 644_ANNY Blue Hypnosis_1

Both are, obviously, textured polishes. They dry gritty (surprise!), but they aren’t of the boring sandpaper kind, but of the awesome glittery kind. Two coats were fully sufficient.
KIKO 644_ANNY Blue Hypnosis_2

While this may not be the perfect forum to discuss Coca-Cola’s advertising strategy, I must nevertheless say that I’m mighty impressed by it. The customized coke cans aside (“Share your coke with Caroline”), the pre-printed coke cans were strategically placed. For example, in the mountain area, you could find coke cans saying “Share your coke with your summiteer” or “Share your coke with your Dirndl” (where as Dirndl means both girl and the traditional Austrian dress). My brothers decided to share their coke with me.
KIKO 644_ANNY Blue Hypnosis_3

I was extremely amused to find out that my newly acquired summer dress has the same color as ANNY Blue Hypnosis.
KIKO 644_ANNY Blue Hypnosis_4

It’s incredibly short for my taste, but to my defense, I was just going down to the lake. In case you were wondering, I don’t usually change color in the sun, unless it’s from snowwhite to frog-in-the-blender. I wish that was different!
KIKO 644_ANNY Blue Hypnosis_5

In any case, now that I look at my pictures, I am looking forward to Indian Summer. Even though I’m still searching for the perfect long cardigan that won’t look as if I’m wearing my bathrobe. If you have any suggestions, I’d be glad.
KIKO 644_ANNY Blue Hypnosis_6

What I’ll miss the most about summer though are the flowers. For now, I’ll exchange them for colorful leaves, but I know that when the first snow falls, I’ll miss the colors that summer provides.
KIKO 644_ANNY Blue Hypnosis_7

Dress: Zara, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs, shoes: Peek & Cloppenburg

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6 thoughts on “How I wore it: KIKO 644 and ANNY Blue Hypnosis

  1. Blauer Lack mit roter Coladose ist sehr cool :-) Ich hab mir wegen der fürchterlichen Sommerhitze dieses Jahr auch schon den Herbst herbeigewünscht, aber jetzt, wo er da ist und es schon um 7 dunkel wird, denk ich genauso an die warmen Sommertage!

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