How I wore it: Lime Crime Lavendairy

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Today I have a rather short post for you. I must admit that even though I truly stand behind my blog concept/idea of showing nail polish in a bigger context than that of a macro lense, I generally do not enjoy my picture being taken. So half the time the pictures don’t turn out to my liking. It is just so annoying to me that I have to look nice and more often than not these picture taking sessions turn into a “if you only see the ugly in me, why should I like you” discussion (partly because I have to take these pictures before I go to work, and before I go to work I haven’t had coffee, and if I’m not given coffee in a timely manner after I wake up, I’m grumpy). But sometimes I’m in a good mood, and then pictures like these happen.

There’s a hook on the side of the house, in case you were wondering what I’m doing.
Lime Crime Lavendairy_3

I’m wearing Lime Crime Lavendairy, which was gifted to me as a Christmas present by my friend B. Actually, she gave me all the Lime Crime polishes! I love Lavendairy, it’s so happy!
Lime Crime Lavendairy_1

Somehow I had forgotten to bring the bottle with me, so instead I’m showing you this fun blue marker from The New Black. I love how the pastel-neon-lavender polish pops against the bright blue.
Lime Crime Lavendairy_2

I’m wearing a skirt from my mum (from Escada), a t-shirt from Palmers, shoes from Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, a jacket from Zara, a bracelet that my mum gave me for my birthday and a head band. It’s a little bit stupid, but I like head bands. Hmmm… enough confessions for today, huh?
Lime Crime Lavendairy_4

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6 responses to “How I wore it: Lime Crime Lavendairy

  1. You need more props like that hook. The photos are _much_ more believable with props. Maybe we could use people?

  2. For what it’s worth, I think you always look great and very well put together in your pictures! I understand not enjoying having your picture taken but I do really enjoy the how I wore it posts!

    • Thank you Jess! What I liked best about your comment is that you took the time to read my post! That’s a huge compliment, so thanks!!
      Ps: I like the How I wore it posts too. Sometimes I just wish I could be behind the camera instead of in front of the lense :)

  3. Ich find das Outfit großartig, das Top ist farblich einfach nur ein Hingucker und das Jäckchen gefällt mir auch :D Respekt, morgens könnte ich mir vor dem ersten Kaffee nie fotografieren lassen, ich glaub da hab ich noch nicht mal richtig die Augen offen xD

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