Catrice Thrilling me softly Suspect_1

Catrice Thrilling me softly TE

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Good morning (or whatever other time of day it is in your time zone)! Today I want to show you the Catrice TE called Thrilling me softly. It consists of 5 nail polishes and make-up stuff, of which I received a couple of things to try. But I want to start with the nail polishes!

Discreet is a beige/neutral creme polish. The formula on this was excellent, and I do like the shade a lot. 2 coats.
Catrice Thrilling me softly discreet_1

Suspect is a pale gold metallic shade. This dried a bit streaky and the shade is too pale for me to love it. 2 coats.
Catrice Thrilling me softly Suspect_1

Occult is a deep aubergine creme. This looked gorgeous on me, even though you know that purple shades are far from being my favorites. It dried super shiny and had an excellent formula. If you can get this one, I’d definitely advise to buy it.
Catrice Thrilling me softly occult_1

Allure is a red shimmer that looks more pink-toned than I expected it to. I love reds like this one, but that particular polish couldn’t convince me. I think the formula was too thin – this is 3 coats.
Catrice thrilling me softly allure_1

Daredevil is a raspberry red creme. Like it, but I don’t love it. 2 coats.
Catrice Thrilling me softly daredevil_1

And now on to the make-up! There are 2 blush sticks (pictured here is Daredevil),  2 eye shadow trios (shown here is Soft Thrill Absolute Eye Color Trio), and a uber-promote of the better than false lashes mascara, which is part of the standard product line since July. The lace patch eyeliners which you can just stick to your face are a great Halloween-Party accessory, but I wouldn’t know what to do with it otherwise. The blush sticks and eyeshadow trios strike me as great items for make-up beginners, but I prefer to apply blush with a brush, not with a stick.
catrice thrillin me softly better than false lashes_smooth blush stick daredevil_absolute eye color trio soft thrill

All the make-up items were sent to me from Catrice/cosnova. I also received three nail polishes, but I had already bought the set, so these arrived “too late”.

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