Comparison: red glitters

Let me start by saying that I LOVE red glitters. I still love my lime greens and pinks, but my other big love is sparkly red. Shiny red. Creme red. Jelly red. Basically, red.

This little comparison shouldn’t really come as a surprise therefore. I was emptying my drawers to rearrange and found Orly Star Spangled, Illamasqua Untold, Nails Inc Covent Garden Market, OPI Speak for your-elf and butter LONDON Chancer and figured, I’d have to compare them.

From left to right:  butter LONDON Chancer – Nails Inc Covent Garden Market – Illamasqua Untold – Orly Star Spangled. To be hones, the difference in Covent Garden Market and Untold lies in the formula only. Covent Garden Market is rather thick and applies accordingly. The other two polishes are obviously much darker.
Orly Star Spangled_Illamasqua Untold_nails inc Covent Garden Market_bL Chancer(v klf zu zf)_1%0A_1

From left to right: butter LONDON Chancer – OPI Speak for your-elf – Illamasqua Untold – Orly Star Spangled. Speak for your-elf and Star Spangled are very similar. I couldn’t tell you which is better in terms of formula.Orly Star Spangled_Illamasqua Untold_OPI Speak for your-elf!_bL Chancer%0A(v klf zu zf)_1_1

Do you also have a weakness for red glitters?

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9 responses to “Comparison: red glitters

  1. Wow, I love the Illamasqua! Don’t you own Nubar Fire Sparkle? That’s one of my favourite glitters and reds!

  2. I have a serious weakness for red glitters, shimmers, cremes, you name it. I know some people think red is a really boring polish colour but for some reason I can’t get enough!

  3. This comparison is awesome, thank you! I have been holding off on getting Illa- Untold because I have Orly- Star Spangled. I think you might have changed my mind!

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