Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_9

How I wore it: vintage dots

When one parties, one parties themed. So one dresses up accordingly.Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_2

One busy a dress to match the theme…
Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_1

and wears shoes that one loves, but hurts ones feet.
Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_7

One also picks a nail design to match the dress…
Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_4

and uses Illamasqua Load (base color), Illamasqua Nomad, Lime Crime Pastelchio and IsaDora Marzipan for the dots.
Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_5

One looks ridiculous with cigarettes bought specially for the occasion,…
Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_3

and poses that one feels rather uncomfortably in.
Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_9

Had you followed me on instagram, you’d know the theme of the party….
Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_6

but it isn’t that difficult to guess. Can you?
Lime Crime Milky Ways_dots_8

dress via, shoes H&M, sunglasses Marc Jacobs, lipstick Bobbi Brown Neon Pink.

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