essence paper print over Catrice Eve in Bloom Bloomynous2

essence new stuff – Sortimentsumstellung

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Every half year or so, essence takes products off the shelves to add new ones. If essence was a husband, this would be a genius idea to keep the marriage alive, but as it is, essence is not husband. So people write long monologues about how sad it is that product A or product B will not be available anymore. Because all the products are so vastly different and no replacement can be found… Well. I, on the other hand, look forward to new products, and thanks to essence being a good husband to me, I have some new products to show you today.

Let’s talk nails first. The paper print manicure has finally arrived at essence; news paper prints being a huge hit in the nail polish world in the last year or so. I have never tried it (I read the news online, that doesn’t transfer well), but I do admire the look.
essence paper print over Catrice Eve in Bloom Bloomynous2

I did, however, try the essence system: paper print manicure. The paper struck me as very thick, not at all news paper like, but I figured with the right amound of transfer solution, it would work. As you can see below, it didn’t. I did everything the way the manual described (nail polish fully dry, no topcoat, light color), but it still came out ugly. Unfortunately, this was what I most looked forward to, so I’m disappointed.
essence paper print over Catrice Eve in Bloom Bloomynous1

I also love Glow in the Dark polishes (I think I have three, that’s more I’ll ever use), so I was happy to see that essence added one to their line. Glow in the Dark polishes are amongst the most childish polishes, hence the most fun to wear on toes! The essence one is a Glow in the Dark topcoat, which can be worn over any polish. It is milky yellow, therefore not particularly flattering on its own. The formula is a bit difficult, very fluid and tends to run everywhere. I’m wearing one coat over butter LONDON Primrose Hill Picnic. The Glow in the Dark effect is very limited, so I wonder, if this may be fluorescent in black light instead?
essence nail art glow in the dark topcoat over bL primrose hill picnic_!

Well. essence decided to add nail effects to their steady line, including glitters, this fluffy stuff that makes your nails look like carpet, and pearls. I received “candy buffet” to try. I absolutely despise these pearls on nails. I do not understand, why anyone would wear that – it is unpractical and looks like a disease. I do however, find these pearls fun to use in DIY projects that don’t include my nails.
essence effect nails_Catrice Eve in Bloom Floralilac_1

If you insist on liking this: the pearls are easy to apply, very colorful and opposed to other brands, the packaging from essence is very user-friendly.
essence effect nails_Catrice Eve in Bloom Floralilac_2

Now onto the make-up! There are 2 new sun club all-in-one bronzing highlighter (shown here in 01 sun light), 3 blush sticks (shown here is miss peachy), a Kabuki brush and 6 eyesorbets (shown here is illuminating plum).
essence new_1

From left to right: eyesorbet in illuminating plum (very sparkly!), sun club all-in-one bronzing highlighter (all colors mixed!), blush stick in miss peachy. My favorite of the new products is the Kabuki brush. I love the one from a previous essence LE and this is my new back up.
essence new_2

There are more new things, I especially like the new hand care products. Also, those mini files are practical! There’s the studio nails express nail oil pen (the orange one) to take care of your cuticles, and the studio nails express nail peeling pen – the red one (I love the little bristles, it’s a massage tool!). The mini lipgloss set is a perfect gift (shown here in “Paris”). The brown pencil is a STAYS no matter what jumbo eye pencil (in the color chocolate brownie).
essence new_4

Here’s a swatch of chocolate brownie – the pencil is really soft and I like the golden shimmer in the otherwise boring brown.
essence new_3

This was it so far. Anything you think you’ll get? My favorites are the Kabuki brush and the nail peeling pen.

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9 thoughts on “essence new stuff – Sortimentsumstellung

  1. I was looking forward to the green and textured polishes. Got them. The lighter green polish is lovely. I think you might like it. Unfortunately we don’t have second display, where glow in the dark and magnetic polishes are, so I crossed that out of my list :(

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