Zoya Dove_chg pelican gray_bL Muggins_OPI Skull & Glossbones (v klf zu zf)_1%0A_1

Comparison time: grey and blue-greys

For this fine post I compiled rather random comparisons I made to figure out if my polishes are all dupes or not. I say no, but J. insists most of them look the same. The names are listed from left to right, I used two coats each. Here we go!

Illamasqua Snap – Zoya Marina – Zoya Tao – China Glaze Elephant Walk are all beautiful greys. My favorite is Tao, then comes Snap. I have no particular love for Elephant Walk, although it is unique in my grey collection.
Chg elephant walk_zoya tao_zoya marina_illamasqua snap (v klf zu zf)_1%0A_1

Illamasqua Snap- OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvellous – OPI How’s it snowin’? – SOPI A Color that can’t be tamed, also greys, but mostly with a metallic shimmer. A Color that can’t be tamed is the most sheer, and doesn’t really fit in this color family. How’s is snowin’? is actually more of a glitter.
SOPI A color that cant be tamed_OPI How’s it snowin’__OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvellous_illamasqua snap (v klf zu zf)_1%0A

Illamasaqua DWS – KIKO 328 – China Glaze Pelikan Grey – OPI My Pointe Exactly - these are all shades of grey cremes, except My Pointe Exactly which is a jelly and needs more coats for opacity. I’m not the biggest fan of jellies, but this one is great for jelly sandwiches and layering experiments. My favorite of them all is KIKO 328, it has the nicest formula.
OPI My Pointe exactly_chg pelican gray_KIKO 328_Illamasqua DWS (v klf zu zf)_1%0A_1

OPI Skull & Glossbones – butter LONDON Muggings – China Glaze Pelikan Gray – Zoya Dove – also all grey-ish cremes. Skull & Glossbones has a nice green touch to it, while Muggins is obviously on the lilac side. From the four, my favorite is Skull & Glossbones.
Zoya Dove_chg pelican gray_bL Muggins_OPI Skull & Glossbones (v klf zu zf)_1%0A_1

Cult Nails Let me fly – OPI I have a Herring Problem – butter LONDON Victoriana – BB Couture Moon over Manhattan – these are mostly blues and teals, but have a shimmer or particles in them that make them appear a bit grey. My favorite is Moon over Manhattan.
Cult Nails Let me fly_bL Victoriana_BB Couture Moon over Manhattan_OPI I have a Herring Problem(v klf zu zf)_1%0A_1

essie smooth sailing – OPI I have a Herring Problem – Revlon Princess – OPI I don’t give a Rotterdam, again, these are shades of blue as described above. Revlon Princess has a rather metallic finish. I love the vivid color of smooth sailing, but in fact I don’t wear any of the four often.
OPI I don’t give a Rotterdam_Revlon Princess_OPI I have a Herring Problem_essie smooth sailing%0A (v klf zu zf)_1_1

Do you like comparisons like these?

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