Your weekly dose of holo: NABI reds

This is, I think, the second last of the Nabi holo spam! Check for the greens here, blues here, and pink and purple here. Today I have the orange-to-red-to-brown colors for you. The first picture is always taken in indirect light, the second one with flash. I used two coats each.

Nabi Black Berry is a rather standard warm chocolate brown. Nothing special to me.
Nabi Black Berry_1
Nabi Black Berry_3

Nabi Brone is orange. No idea what brone is supposed to be, I assume brown, but it isn’t, it is orange.
Nabi Brone_1
Nabi Brone_3

Nabi Mocha is a rusty dusty brick red. This one was barely holographic.
Nabi Mocha_1
Nabi Mocha_3

Nabi Red actually is red. I didn’t manage to snap a picture in indirect light (I think I forgot), but I LOVE the color. So pretty!
Nabi Red_!

Nabi Tawny is another chocolate brown tone but more purple leaning.
Nabi Tawny_1
Nabi Tawny_4

Nabi Winf is a more burgundy red than Mocha. I like the color, but it’s not very exciting.
Nabi Winf_1
Nabi Winf_3

Which one is your favorite?

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8 responses to “Your weekly dose of holo: NABI reds

  1. They’re all gorgeous, but I think Nabi Red is my favourite. It is the most eye-catching.

  2. Gah, I love holos, these are gorgeous! I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Click here to find out more!

  3. Darn, The Polish Influenza got to you first! But either way, because of your blog and its versatility, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Take a look here:

  4. Red is my personal favourite!!

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