ANNY She's amazing_OPI Jinx_4

Compared: ANNY She’s amazing vs. OPI Jinx

Today I have a small comparison for you! I wanted to wear a liquid sand/texture/sand/effect/whatever you want to call it nail polish, and I decided to take 2 different ones with me on my weekend trip: OPI Jinx and ANNY She’s amazing. Well, at least I thought they were different…
ANNY She's amazing_OPI Jinx_1

until I asked J to pass me “the orange/red glittery nail polish” and he handed me both. Now, I stood there looking like an idiot because I was thinking of OPI Jinx, but it turned out I had packed two polishes that look identical to everyone but a nail polish junkie. 
ANNY She's amazing_OPI Jinx_3

So I decided to wear both of them, to see if they really are the same. And I must say that the only difference between the two can be spotted on the close up pictures. If I wouldn’t know that OPI Jinx is on my ring finger and on my pinkie and ANNY She’s amazing is on the other two fingers, I couldn’t tell them apart.
ANNY She's amazing_OPI Jinx_2

In terms of quality they were the same. 2 coats, quick drying, very sparkly. I like them both a lot. Also, considering the amount of nail polish in the bottle compared to the price, they seem very similar, except for Americans, where OPI is substantially cheaper. Then the OPI pays off more, because the bottle holds more polish. All in all, I would advise every texture lover to get one or the other!
ANNY She's amazing_OPI Jinx_4

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