DL groove in in the heart_2

Sunday Spam: deborah lippmann

For this Sunday Spam, I decided to show you some random Deborah Lippmann polishes that I wore but didn’t feel like making a whole outfit post. I have about a dozen deborah lippmann polishes, and I love them all. Originally my love started with her glitters, but it quickly covered pretty much all her polishes. I love the bottle and I didn’t have any complaints about the formula either (except for one polish!). I used two coats for all swatches.

It’s raining men is a red jelly-esque polish. It is super shiny and even though I have so many reds, this one is a stand-alone in my collection. I usually pick the shimmery reds over cremes, but I love this one.
deborah lippmann its raining men_1_1

Jewel in the crown is not  silver, nor pewter, plus it is the opposite of generic: It has teensy tiny golden specks in it, that adds the little something to this gunmetal grey.
Deborah Lippmann Jewel in the crown_1

Stairway to Heaven (over essence pom-berry) is a mix of differently shaped iridiscent glitters. I love iridiscent glitters! The only “problem” I had with it is that I have about 3 more glitters that look exactly the same. I kept this one and tossed the others, so problem solved.
deborah lippmann stairway to heaven_essence pom-berry_11

Stairway to Heaven (over Pure Ice Grunge) – iridiscent glitters over softer colors are also somewhat a weak spot for me.
Deborah lippmann stairway to heaven_pure ice grunge_1

Girls just want to have fun is an orange leaning coral. It is not favorable for my skin tone, and the formula was less desireable, so I said goodbye to this one. I can totally see someone wearing this with darker skin than mine, I think that’d look gorgeous!
DL Girls just want to have fun_1

Groove in the Heart is a pale pastel pink. It is cool enough to suit me, and I really loved wearing it, which is something I don’t usually say about pastel pinks!
DL groove in in the heart_2

Which one is your favorite?

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