p2 summer attack lemon drop_1

p2 pool side party LE – buy this! – and p2 Summer Attack LE

Today I have a Limited Edition to show you that I recommend buying. Period.
P2 is a brand of cosmetics and nail polishes that has horrible branding. I think most of their packaging looks extra cheap, with the exception of some of their nail polishes. However, their lip pencils are amazing and so are many of their nail polishes. Their summer LE, Pool Side Party, is my favorite yet.

Blue Lagoon is a super shiny royal blue. It covers in one thick coat. I have more blues than I can wear, but I’m seriously considering getting rid of them and keeping this one instead.
p2 pool side party blue lagoon_1

New Wave is a vibrant periwinkle creme. You know when people talk about “neon”, but blue hues barely look really neon? This one is just like them. Perfect coverage in two thin coats.
p2 pool side party new wave_1

Sunshine Yellow is a medium yellow creme. This need three thin coats, but it isn’t patchy. It is my least favorite of the collection.
p2 pool side party sunshine yellow_1

Turquoise Sky is a classic turquoise creme. I call this swimming pool color, because it is the color I want a swimming pool to look. Again, perfectly smooth application, the formula on this is great!
p2 pool side party turquoise sky_1

Violet Summer Dream is a lilac creme. It’s not my favorite color, I prefer these polishes in a less vibrant color hue, more greyed out, so to say. I must admit though that it looks very pretty and happy. Again, formula was spot on, 2 coats.
p2 pool side party violet summer dream_1

All in all, these polishes are a joy to apply. They dry very quickly and they have a shine to them that’s amazing. For the prize of ~2 Euros I wouldn’t pass any of them up.

Unfortunately, I missed the Summer Attack LE, but I somehow managed to find two “left overs” in a display when I was in Frankfurt.

Flirtin’ Purple is an amazingly vibrant purple, that flashes blue in certain light/angle. It covers perfectly in two coats.
p2 summer atack flirtin purple_1

 Lemon Drop is made for me. It is a yellow gold glassfleck that covers fully in two coats. It is amazingly sparkly. I love it and want to marry it.
p2 summer attack lemon drop_1

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