Catrice Láfrique cést chique_sunny side_1

Catrice L’Afrique c’est chic TE

Today I have another Catrice Trend Edition for you – well, the nail polishes. They are all sand/sugar/whateveryouwanttocallthem texture polishes. I used two coats of each. Generally, I didn’t like the texture on these. I prefer the glittery texture kind, and these looked like those China Glaze texture polishes, which remind me of old-fashioned wall paint. They did dry quickly, and the colors are fresh and fun. So if you’re just getting into the texture trend, you might want to try them out!

Sunny Side is a sunny yellow color. I haven’t seen a vibrant yellow like this in the texture family of polishes, and if it was sparkly, I’d like it.
Catrice Láfrique cést chique_sunny side_1

L’Orange is a rather washed out, earthy orange. I’ d personally have preferred something more vibrant, but I’m sure that this is a people-pleaser.Catrice Láfrique cést chique_lórange_1

Rouge Bien Sure is a brick red texture polish. I liked this one the best from the texture-feeling, but the color is oddly warm and doesn’t suit me, even though I’m usually one all for the reds. Hmm.
Catrice Láfrique cést chique_rouge bien sure_1

So classy is a poop-brown. Apart from my aversion to wearing browns, this one is not flattering in color. I’d pick a different one, if I were you.
Catrice Láfrique cést chique_so classy_1

Quel Bleu Turquoise is in no way turquoise, but blue. A very vibrant blue, a bit patchy though, but overall my favorite from this collection.  
Catrice Láfrique cést chique_quel bleu turquoise_1

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