Your weekly dose of holo: Nabi greens

Saturday again! Finally! I think the week should have an extra Saturday every once in a while. Today I have more Nabi holographic polishes to show you. I used two coats for each swatch; the first picture is always taken in indirect light, the second one with flash.

Nabi Gold ranges among my favorites. It is a somewhat green-toned gold, and I love all kinds of gold (…) so it was an easy pick.  
Nabi Gold_1
Nabi Gold_4

Nabi Green. It’s rather close to different dimension gnarly, but a bit more holo. Obviously I love this one. The color is awesome.
Nabi Green_1
Nabi Green_2

Nabi Pefite Teal is a seafoam holo, not the most linear. Pefite Teal is somewhere beween perfect and petite, I assume.
Nabi Pefite Teal_1
Nabi Pefite Teal_3

Nabi Silver – not technically a member of the green family, but it somehow fit here. I’ve seen better silver holos, I would skip on this one if you have, say, the Layla one.
Nabi Silver_1
Nabi Silver_2

Nabi Teal is a really deep emerald colored scattered holo. Very pretty color, even though it is not in my usual color scheme.
Nabi Teal_1
Nabi Teal_2

What’s your favorite?

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5 responses to “Your weekly dose of holo: Nabi greens

  1. They’re all pretty, but Teal is my favourite. :)

  2. Wow, apart from the silver I think I keep wanting them all!

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