models own hot stuff_bb couture coal miner_1

Sunday Spam: What, glitter you said?

Hope you all enjoy your sunday. I surely am enjoying mine, even though Sunday is the day before Monday, and we all know what Monday means… ;) let’s jump right ahead and dive into medias res. Glitter. Yes, again.

Love & Beauty Turquoise (over essie watermelon). Love the Beauty of coral/red and turquoise. Hate the ugly smell of these L&B polishes.
love & beauty turquoise_essie watermelon_1

Love & Beauty Clear/Silver (over Urban Decay Love Light) – I saw this on my friend B. and it looked great. I have not found that to be true on my fingertips. But the holographic glitter looks amazing in this darker picture.
love&beauty clear silver_Urban Decay Love Light_1

Love & Beauty Gold (over Zoya Tracie) – I usually like gold, but weirdly enough, gold glitter not so much. All in all this manicure was a bad choice, It looks lika a leprechaun in the pot of gold. On a side note: I was barely ever so disappointed as when I had Zoya Tracie in my hands. It is the ugliest green on me ever.
Love&Beauty Gold_Zoya Tracie_1

Lynnderella She lived in a swamp (over Estee Lauder Beautiful Liar). One of those lynnderellas I have, and as I only have a handful, these are the ones I cherish. I adore the green glitter, but I think it’s not perfect over this pink/red base color.
lynnderella she lived in a swamp_estee lauder beautiful liar_1_1

Make Up Store Asun (over essence the pump) is not at all what it looks like in the bottle. In the bottle, it looks like a sheer pink with a lot of large holographic and small holographic and red glitters. But applied, the tinted base doesn’t add any effect, it is merely clear. In that light, it was a rather over priced generic glitter topper.
Make Up Store Asun_essence the pump_1_1

Models Own Dancing Queen (over China Glaze Running in Circles) would be so great if it wasn’t for those glitter shreds in them. They won’t lie flat and don’t fit the mix. And that’s coming from someone who likes glitter shreds!
Models Own Dancing Queen_ChG Running in circles_1

Models Own Dancing Queen, this time over Jessica Ava (or New Kid in Town)*.
models own dancing queen_Jessica Ava(new kid in town)_1

Models Own Hot Stuff (over BB Couture Coal Miner) – I don’t know if I like this better because it is pink or because it the shreds seem to work better in this mix. But anyhow, this adds perfect sparkle to a darker polish!
models own hot stuff_bb couture coal miner_1

Do you like or have any of these polishes?

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