Nabi Sky Blue_3

Your weekly dose of holo: Nabi shades of blue

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Today I’m showing you more Nabi holographic polishes. But rest assured, this is far from the end of it. The greens and the reds will still follow…

I used two coats of each, no topcoat. The first picture is taken in indirect light, the second one with flash.

Nabi Black. Well, black holo polish! Nothing wrong about that.
Nabi Black_1
Nabi Black_4

Nabi Navy Blue – what a great blue! I can’t recall any other holos that are that blue! It is a cuticle smurf maker though (if you don’t know what that means: try painting your cuticles with blue waterresistant marker and you’ll know).
Nabi Navy Blue_1
Nabi Navy Blue_4

Nabi Ocean Blue is somewhere between teal and turquoise and emerald green. Pretty color, but the holo effect is drowned in the Ocean (blue) a bit.
Nabi Ocean Blue_1
Nabi Ocean Blue_2

Nabi Sky Blue is a pale periwinkle blue. It’s cute but not very innovative.
Nabi Sky Blue_1
Nabi Sky Blue_3

Which one is your favorite?

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7 thoughts on “Your weekly dose of holo: Nabi shades of blue

  1. Navy Blue und Ocean Blue gefallen mir am besten. Sehr schöne Holo Lacke und eine Marke, die ich bisher nicht kannte. :-)

    LG Petra

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