Cult Nails Princess_6

How I wore it: Cult Nails Princess

Hola! Another day, another outfit, another How I wore it post. Are you ready?

Today I’m showing you Cult Nails Princess. It’s basically a light blue polish, but if you look at it right, it has intense pink shimmer.
Cult Nails Princess_1

I was undecided about it at first, but then the fun of playing around and looking at the shimmer convinced me.
Cult Nails Princess_2

I decided to pair this soft but stunning shade with a comfortable outfit – Jeans from WE, cardigan from Eduscho (yes, Eduscho! surprises me again and again!) and a scarf I bought in Beijing. The slippers are from Oysho.

Cult Nails Princess_3I expected the polish to be really sheer, like Models Own Indian Ocean, but in the end, two coats were sufficient. The color is very soft and lovely, and I’m glad I gave the polish a second chance!
Cult Nails Princess_4

Unfortunately, I also decided to paint my eyes bright blue, which is something I sometimes do but immediately regret. I don’t know why I keep on making that mistake, but when I see blue eyeshadow my brains says, use this! use this! even though it knows I’ll look like … well, let’s stick with unfortunate. 
Cult Nails Princess_6
 Do you also have a recurring “make-up-mistake” that you keep on making?

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6 thoughts on “How I wore it: Cult Nails Princess

  1. I’m liking the blue eye make up! I have a recurring make up mistake of wearing shimmery pearly bronzer that shows every pore and flaw……..

  2. Ohhh der Lack ist schön und die Schuhe auch. Wegen dem blauen Lidschatten, ich hab das mit blauen Eyeliner. Ich finde Blau so toll, aber es steht mir einfach nicht, also kann ich dich gut verstehen.

  3. I like the total combination of colours that you are wearing.. pretty much my colour pallette as well. Recurring make-up mistake? “Pinch that last one on the eyebrow”.. and then “oops?! my eyebrows were twice wider!!” :)

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