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How I wore it: Inglot 668

Today I have a nail polish for you that I’ve been wondering about longer – one of the Inglot O2M nail polishes. Inglot says that this nail polish is “breathable”. “Polymer KS_02 allows moisture and oxygen to pass through to keep nails in the best condition. Does NOT contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or camphor.” This is no.668.
Inglot 668_1

I wondered why a nail polish would need to let air through. As far as I know my nails don’t need air to grow or stay healthy. Then I realized that this O2M nail polish is highly popular in countries with a population with a high percentage of Muslims. Then again I realized that it is not only air-permeable but also water-permeable, which means you basically don’t  have to take off your nail polish to wash your hands. So if you can put two and two together, you’ll understand part of it’s popularity! :)
Inglot 668_2

I’m wearing the shade no 668 here. It’s a vibrant medium blue, a shade that I personally find fun to wear in summer. Especially in summer, because it reminds me of vacation and the sea and fun things to do, which is a pick-me-up if you basically spend allof your summer in a sticky non-airconditioned office.
Inglot 668_3_1

The formula in this was great, easy to apply and it dried quickly too. Basically I have nothing to complain about! The color range of the O2M polishes is quite extensive too, so I’m sure you’ll find a color that suits your taste. I have a couple of the other Inglot polishes that are not permeable, and I love these. They all have great shimmer in them and I prefer that to a “simple” creme polish. I haven’t seen shimmers in the O2M line in Austria yet, but maybe it just doesn’t work with the ingredients.
Inglot 668_4_1

I’m wearing linnen pants by Muji, a shirt from HEMA (man’s section) and my newest Chatelles addition. I’m very happy with my choice of tassels, and the shoes are as comfortable as I expected. 
Inglot 668_5_1

What do you think of O2M polishes? Have you tried any? What to you think of the benefit of them being permeable?

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7 thoughts on “How I wore it: Inglot 668

  1. Striking blue, but I would prefer some of that fantastic Inglot shimmer in the breathables too. As a non Muslim I’d be interested to know if there are any benefits to nail condition from wearing these polishes, otherwise for me, there would be no point choosing these over their regular (and in my opinion prettier) shades.

    • To be honest, I don’t know if there’s any other benefit. but I must say that I was positively surprised by the formula in general. The polishes are nicely pigmented and the blue is just a stunning shade!

  2. Hey, I haven’t tried the O2M polishes, but a Inglot is my all time favourite brand, I’m the same as you, don’t like simple cremes, and you’re right, Inglot is the best at doing shimmers but not ‘in your face’ glittery, holo shimmers. As for the O2M, firstly there’s no point in wearing them with a regular top and base coat if you want the permeability to work, obviously. And I’m not going to invest in the O2M base and top coat, cause there are better choices out there ;) but this colour is AWESOME! I’m glad to hear that you’re buying Inglots in Austria, because all my polishes were Inglots up until like a week ago, when I needed stamping polishes (SH Insta Dri) and I think they’re brilliant quality and shimmery shades :) One more thing, you do know that the O2M line wasn’t created with Muslims in mind at all? Take care!

    • I really don’t care if the polish is an O2M polish or a regular one as long as it is pretty :) But I do think it’s qualities will be appreciated by those who benefit from them.
      Glad to hear you’re branching out in regard to your collection! ;)

  3. Haha, me neither, it sounds shallow, but AS LONG AS ITS PRETTY ; ) The funny thing about O2M was that the actual company was really surprised when Muslims started ordering the polishes, and after a male Muslim scholar mentioned it in one I his works : ) Take care!

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