spa ritual survivor_DL groove in in the heart_1

Sunday Spam: Gliiiiittteeeeer

Today’s Sunday Spam is, again, glitter. I mean, how can you not totally love glitter? At least to look at, it is definitely my favorite kind of polish.

OPI You glitter be good to me (over agnes b mini bleu indigo). Mix of washed out, light pink small glitter and larger pink hexagonal glitter. Love the look of it, but on me it was a bit underwhelming.
OPI You glitter be good to me_agnes b mini bleu indigo_1_1

OPI You glitter be good to me, in a second try, over Catrice Nude & Rude.
OPI You glitter be good to me_Catrice Nude & Rude_1_1

Models Own Hot Stuff (over Pure Ice Stunning) – I saw these Models Own glitters on Rebecca’s blog, but it looked so much cooler on her blog than this actually looked on me. And the edges poking around and standing up are just driving me crazy.
pure ice_stunning_models own hot stuff_2

Jessica Platinum Wishes*  (over Revlon Royal Cloak)  – I think I have expressed my frustration before, that these holiday glitters from Jessica looked so much better in the promo pics. I was so hoping for them to be opaque, but one can’t have everything.

Revlon Royal Cloak_Jessica Platinum Wishes_18

Revlon Street Wear Confetti (over OPI I don’t give a Rotterdam) is a polish I received in a let’s use each other’s polish exchange with T. I thought this would be more dense, but it’s actually not. I thought the mix of hexagonal glitters and silver bar glitters was rather random, but it’s fun!
Revlon street wear confetti over OPI I dont give a rotterdam_1

Sephora by OPI Beam me up hottie! (over L’oreal look at me) was on my wishlist for long – firstly I loved the name, and somehow I must have loved the idea of gigantig hexagonal holographic glitter. I don’t anymore, and now I’m considering keeping the label only….
SOPI Beam me up hottie_Loreal look at me_3

Nubar Purple Rain Glitter (over Sephora by OPI Stop Stocking Me!) is lighter small glitter in a dark purple jelly base. It looks great. There’s not much more to add to that!
SOPI Stop Stocking me!_Nubar Purple rain glitter_1

Spa Ritual Survivor (over deborah lippmann Groove is in the heart) is a mix of light pink glitter of various sizes. It’s awesome by idea but the glitter is too washed out for me. It’s so close to my skin color, the result looks a bit freaky to me. Too sad, because I really liked it in the bottle.  
spa ritual survivor_DL groove in in the heart_1

polishes marked with a * were provided by the PR of the company. In this case, thanks to the lovely S. of Jessica!

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