OPI Skull & Glossbones_Catrice Red (Geometrix)_7_1

How I wore it: OPI Skull & Glossbones

Hi there! I’m working onall my “older” How I wore it posts, because I realized I hadn’t shown you all I got! :)

This is OPI Skull & Glossbones. The polish was part of the Pirates of the Carribean collection, but you can still find it through online-retailers.
OPI Skull & Glossbones_Catrice Red (Geometrix)_2_1

It is sort of grey but also a bit muddy/murky/taupe leaning, so I obviously needed to add it to my ever growing collection of grey nail polishes.

OPI Skull & Glossbones_Catrice Red (Geometrix)_1_1

As this is a super appropriate work color, it is one of those “No-doubt-you’ll-stay-with-me” shades. Also, it works perfectly together with my blouse from COS.
OPI Skull & Glossbones_Catrice Red (Geometrix)_3_1

A word about this blouse. You’d assume that a piece of clothing that looks suitable for work has nothing up its sleeves (haha) to surprise you, right? Well. I wasn’t prepared for this either, but the blouse closes as the bow tie, and at the bow tie only. It has 2, yes, 2! buttons, and is open for the whole length in the front. It wouldn’t matter much, because the two sides of the blouse overlap, but what if it is windy?
OPI Skull & Glossbones_Catrice Red (Geometrix)_4_1

I thought it wouldn’t be windy, so I can tell you what happens: I looked like an idiot with a flap of my blouse on my face and a half naked belly to show every little piece of chocolate that I ate too much. Hence: either add extra buttons, don’t buy this blouse, or make sure it’s tucked safely into your pants.
OPI Skull & Glossbones_Catrice Red (Geometrix)_5_1

So: Blouse: COS, Shoes: (My) Chatelles, Pants: H&M, lipstick: Red by Catrice, part of their Geometrix TE.
OPI Skull & Glossbones_Catrice Red (Geometrix)_7_1

Do you have any similar stories about clothes? I seem not to wear wind proof clothing more often, I can tell you….!

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6 thoughts on “How I wore it: OPI Skull & Glossbones

  1. I love the soft grey polish shades!! And your blouse is amazing!! It was fun reading about wind though, so far I only have issues with short bouffant skirts and ferry boats.. where the wind blows upwards XD

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