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How I wore it: China Glaze Sun-Kissed with Ciate Foil and Guerlain Corail Ora

I have a thing for yellow, I guess you know that, but it also extends to neon yellow, obviously. With China Glaze Sun-Kissed, I have found the ultimate neon yellow for me – it’s bright, shimmers, applies easily – what more could I ask for? If you have only the slightest fun with neon polishes, you must get this.
ChG Sun-Kissed_Ciate foil_Guerlain 740_1_1

I received the colorfoil kit in Kaleidoskopic Klash from Ciaté*the mail the day I was wearing this, and I couldn’t not wear it. I had a hard time picking only one foil, so I decided to go crazy and try all three of them. The colorful foil kit includes 1 polish, 1 glue and 1 package of nail foil. I don’t remember how many foil sheets there were, but after using them for one manicure, I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough foil for the next year or two. 
ChG Sun-Kissed_Ciate foil_Guerlain 740_2_1

As my manicure was rather colorful – I played around with the glue, to see what patterns I could get out of this; it is really fun and easy to use – I decided to pick a rather calm outfit.
ChG Sun-Kissed_Ciate foil_Guerlain 740_5_1

My pants are from Kookai, shoes from Humanic (Cate Grey) and the blouse is from Marc O’Polo. The sunglasses are from Marc Jacobs, I love them a lot! I bought them this winter, and I didn’t know if they’d fit, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I won! :)
ChG Sun-Kissed_Ciate foil_Guerlain 740_3_1

The lipstick is a combination of Guerlain Corail Ora (749) Shine Automatique lipstick* and Catrice Lip Cream in Light Red (Geometrix Collection). Corail Ora is really pretty, but a bit sheer. So it is a lipstick one can easily wear every day, but for the real orange look, it works best with some opaque orange lip product underneath. Never thought I’d like orange lipstick, but I do!ChG Sun-Kissed_Ciate foil_Guerlain 740_4_1

Products marked with a * were provided for review. Thanks to Guerlain Austria and Ciate Germany!

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3 thoughts on “How I wore it: China Glaze Sun-Kissed with Ciate Foil and Guerlain Corail Ora

  1. Die Colorfoil Idee finde ich super, würde mir nur wünschen, dass der Holoeffekt von manchen Foils nicht bei gewissen Topcoats abgeschwächt werden würde. Seche Vite ist noch ok, aber Sally Hansen hat’s quasi kaputt gemacht… am besten geht noch Gel Topcoat.

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