Illamasqua Snap_OPI Lucernetainly look marvellous_5_1

How I wore it: Illamasqua Snap and OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvellous

Whenever I can’t decide if I want to polishes that are very much alike, I wear them together. One of these days was when I wasn’t sure I needed to own this many metallic charcoal greys, so I put on Illamasqua Snap (on ringfinger and middlefinger) and OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvellous (rest of the nails).
Illamasqua Snap_OPI Lucernetainly look marvellous_2

It was seriously invisible that I had chosen two different polishes, unless one looked closely. In the bottle they look as if they are from different worlds, but on the nail the difference is less apparent; Snap looks smoother and lighter, while Lucerne-tainly looks marvellous is more glittery. 
Illamasqua Snap_OPI Lucernetainly look marvellous_3

I figured that, as I was wearing grey in grey on my nails already, I could wear grey in grey for the rest of my outfit too; with one colorful exception.
Illamasqua Snap_OPI Lucernetainly look marvellous_4_1

My blouse is from J.Crew, it’s not usually my color, but I wanted to take a leap, and now I love it. It’s not even that bad on me, color wise, right? The blazer is from WE and the skirt is from HEMA. My slippers are from Oysho (last year).Illamasqua Snap_OPI Lucernetainly look marvellous_5_1

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