Catrice Glamazonia TE

Also not entirely new, but very awesome for two matte lip creams, that I’ll show you soon, is the Catrice Glamazonia trend edition. I consequently used 2 coats for all my swatches and one coat of the golden topcoat.

I’m a survivor is  rather standard tomato red creme. I have swatched many of these from Catrice and essence in the past. It required two coats.
Catrice Glamazona I'm a survivor_!_1

Released with this TE was a gold topcoat called Jungle treasure that is supposed to have a crocodile/reptile skin kind of pattern if you believe the print on the cap. Well, don’t believe it, it is just your standard gold crackle. It seems cosnova produced one too many of these.
Catrice Glamazona I'm a survivor_Jungle treasure_1_1

Lime Heart is beating like a jungle drum is such a ridiculous name for a nail polish that I can find it funny again. The lime color is totally my kind of color, but the application was difficult. Two thick coats should work though.
Catrice glamazona Lime Heart is beating like a jungle drum_1_1

With Jungle treasure on top.
Catrice glamazona Lime Heart is beating like a jungle drum_Jungle treasure_1_1

Dirty Liana reminds me very much of essence tickets please… well, it is a bit thinner, but that is all. I guess if you buy one you’ll be fine.
Catrice Glamazonia dirty liana_1_1

Jungle treasure on top.
Catrice Glamazonia dirty liana_Jungle treasure_1_1

I got the flower was a disappointment in terms of formula. It was patchy, which was surprising because I wouldn’t have expected that from a purple jelly/creme hybrid. It is a nice purple though but I assume one has to try some tricks to get the application right.
Catrice Glamazonia I got the flower_1_1

… and with Jungle treasure.Catrice Glamazonia I got the flower_Jungle treasure_1_1

What do you think of this TE?
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3 responses to “Catrice Glamazonia TE

  1. I was totally excited about the so called gold croc look. But as you said, it’s more like a typical crackle polish. And I am so done with crackle. What a bummer. The colors are nice but nothing special I guess.
    Thanks for your great swatches and honest opinion!

  2. Also einen Krokodil Look erkenne ich da gerade mal ohne Brille. Schade. Das Gelb finde ich schön :)

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