Catrice Yellow Sub Mandarin

Sunday Spam: Catrice love

This Sunday I hope to entertain you guys with a few Catrice swatches. Just because lately I wasn’t so amazed by Catrice TE’s (or their names…), one cannot deny or ignore the polishes in their regular line, which are quite cool!

Hugo Moss is a moss green jelly. After two coats it is rather dark, but looks like a lake overgrown with sea weed in some magical forrest.
Catrice Hugo Moss_1_1

Steel my heart (not a typo) is a  purple/grey polish with intense shimmer. It dries to a satin finish. Below you can see it with topcoat – and it is (almost) a one-coater!
Catrice Steel my hear_1
Catrice Steel my hear_2 

Steel my Soul also dries to this satin finish, but this one has less shimmer and is more of a dusty lilac. I like the color, but I’m generally not too fond of matte polishes, so I prefer it with topcoat.
catrice steel my soul_1

The Army Glow is an olive green polish with intense golden shimmer. Totally awesome, but then I’m always head over heels for green with gold combinations.
Catrice the army glow_1_1

The Effect Maker is a nude polish with pink shimmer. It looks a bit too beige for me, and I was hoping it wouldn’t be such a warm toned polish. It didn’t work for me at all, but it is one of the nicer nudes I’ve seen lately.
Catrice The Effect Maker_1_1

Yellow Sub Mandarin reminds me of a joke that will only be funny for my German speaking readers. Was ist eine Mandarine am Berg? – Eine Wanderine! Anyhow, it is too egg-yolk-yellow for me. Also the silver shimmer that is so visible in the bottle doesn’t transfer onto the nail, that was a bit disappointing. The formula is manageable for a yellow, but still a bit thick. There are other Catrice polishes I like better.
Catrice Yellow Sub Mandarin

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: Catrice love

  1. It looks like Catrice makes some really lovely unique shades! I’ve never tried the brand (live in the US!) but they look great! Welcome to the blogazons! :)

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