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How I wore it: Cult Nails Untamed

Today I want to show you an outfit that I created in my mind, and then decided to wear it, and how that turned out. Don’t tell me you never do that – I would feel misunderstood!

First, the nail polish: Cult Nails Untamed. Instead of untamed, it was more untried for me, as it had been sitting in my Cult Nails compartment forgotten and ignored. I wondered why, when I finally took it out – it is pink after all, plus it has glitter, so why would I not wear it?
Cult Nails Untamed_2

No one knows. I think that what I do is this: I sort through my polishes and then pick out the ones I surely want to keep. Then I wear the others to divide them too, but in effect I get into a huge mess, never wear what I want to keep in my collection and end up with a million of polishes that I needed to have but can’t remember. Poor Untamed!
Cult Nails Untamed_3

Cult Nails Untamed_1

Well. About the outfit. It was casual friday = jeans = happy times. With the jeans (WE) I decided to wear a blouse (Montego at Peek & Cloppenburg), all to match this waist coat that I got from Jen who bought it at comma. Then I thought what would match better than pink shoes.
Cult Nails Untamed_5

So, here you go. The whole thing. The waistcoat makes me look super slim, I love it for that! Nevertheless I thought I whould rethink my outfit idea. It somehow doesn’t really fit together that well. Any ideas? Or do you just want to follow my lead and make the face of mild frustration?
Cult Nails Untamed_4  

PS: Look how long my nails were 2 weeks back!
Cult Nails Untamed_6

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