KIKI 427 Guerlain Tangerine Vlam_6

How I wore it: KIKO 427 and Guerlain Tangerine Vlam

Today I’m showing you a nail polish by KIKO which I thought would be bad, but it isn’t. I love it when things turn out to be better than I thought, don’t you?
KIKI 427 Guerlain Tangerine Vlam_4

This polish is called 427 – it most probably has a better name which can be found on their website, but I seriously would rather write long monologues about how crappy it is that they don’t put the names on the bottle, instead of actually checking it out on their website.
KIKI 427 Guerlain Tangerine Vlam_3

Never mind, I don’t care about the name anymore. I thought this polish would be somewhat similar to essence colorbration but it is less flashy and thinner. But they both are lime green and have golden glassflecks, so on that account they look alike. I used two coats.
KIKI 427 Guerlain Tangerine Vlam_1_1

I’m wearing pants from J.Crew, shoes I bought in Paris, a thin black that I bought in Sydney and a scarf I bought in Beijing. The earrings are from Barbara Reisch. Am I international, or what!
KIKI 427 Guerlain Tangerine Vlam_2_1

If you’re wondering what the pretty orange looking gloss is, that I’m wearing, it is Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer Tangerine Vlam* and it looks just a bit orange on me. I thought I’d look horrible at first, but I actually like this! Also, I was surprised how not sticky thoses Guerlain Glosses are. With MAC Dazzleglasses I always have the feeling I won’t be able to open my mouth ever again, and I wonder that flies don’t stick to my lips. Guerlain glosses are the opposite. I’m utterly in love!KIKI 427 Guerlain Tangerine Vlam_6

*Thanks to the Guerlain PR Team for sending me this lipgloss!

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2 thoughts on “How I wore it: KIKO 427 and Guerlain Tangerine Vlam

  1. Tolles Outfit und der Lack sieht eig auch recht gut aus (obwohl ich die Farbe so nie im Leben kaufen würde). Ps du hast so ne tolle Haarfarbe

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