Catrice Hip Trip Wheels on Fire_!_1

Catrice Hip Trip TE

Today I have yet another Catrice LE for you. This one is called Hip Trip. Hip Trip is a horrible name if you ask me – I don’t even know what this is supposed to mean. I know Hip Hop, Trip Hop, trips, hippies, hips, hipsters, but no hip trip. Is it supposed to be a fancy voyage? Or a drug-induced trance?

Blue Highway is a shimmery dark blue. It is pretty standard Catrice blue, but nice. 2 coats. Ah, now that I think of it, there may be the “trip” reference – highway!
Catrice Hip Trip Blue Highway_1_1

Green Days – maybe an elegant reference to a 1980’s punk rock band, worst concert at Rock en Seine 2012? – is a light pistachio shimmer polish. The intense silver shimmer that one sees in the bottle is less apparent on the nail, but never the less, this one is my favorite from this collection. Unique too, which was unexpected after the last couple of TE’s from Catrice. 2 coats.
Catrice Hip Trip Green Days_1_1_1

Nude & Rude, is a beige shimmer polish, same silver shimmer as the above and below polishes. It is a bit trickier to apply than the others. 2 coats. PS: What about other random words that rhyme with nude? Dude? Lewd? Screwed? Be creative!
Catrice Hip Trip Nude & Rude_1_1

The salmon dance. Now that one I totally don’t get. I only know of a chicken dance. Doesn’t matter, hate the color – it’s a shimmery super soft coral that applies patchy. 2 coats.
Catrice Hip Trip The Salmon Dance_1_1

Wheels on fire is more vibrant in reality. Finally a good color again – shimmery coral that leans towards neon. Good work, Catrice! 2 coats. Catrice Hip Trip Wheels on Fire_!_1

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